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  1. « All Out Life » is not on the album. Slipknot had post the tracklist of the album and this song is not included on it.
  2. I scrobble every songs I listened (spotify, iPhone, vinyles, tapes). the website vinylscrobbler is great for that.
  3. On EMP-online there is an exclusive pink version. I don’t know which one to choose between the blue ocean and the pink. https://www.emp-online.fr/p/we-are-not-your-kind/447285.html
  4. Great album, I have pre ordered it. But why red vinyl color, a blue vinyl would match more. It’s often red. So now I am waiting for the third album, the last album that I love from this band.
  5. Omg I want the clear purple. Can I delete my preorder of the clear one of the official site ?
  6. I was waiting for this for a long time, this is my favorite SOULFLY album, I hope they rerelease in the future the third firsts albums too.
  7. Korn III is their worst album for me, they parody themselves more than they did before with TALITM. My favorite albums are ISsuEs and Untouchables. Their last album The Serenity Of Suffering is for me their best since Untouchables.
  8. Hi guys, For the first time « The Path Of Totality » of KoRn will be available on vinyl. It’s a limited edition from Music On Vinyl, 2.500 silver colored lp. Release date : march 2nd https://www.musiconvinyl.com/catalog/korn/the-path-of-totality#.WntJtnDfuEf
  9. Already have Kid A and Amnesiac on 10", they sound so great, I will not buy 12" version.
  10. I just pre-ordered the color lp. I love new track "Insane".
  11. I own : Smells Like Children (Simply Vinyl with an error on the spine, it says Mechanical Animals instead of SLC) Antichrist Superstar (Hot Topic) Mechanical Animals ( Simply Vinyl with tracklisting in the same order of the CD) Holy Wood Born Villain The Pale Emperor I owned in the past but sold : Smells Like Children, picture Disc Antichrist Superstar, picture Disc Mechanical Animals, first press Holy Wood, I bought 2 for resell one. I hope one day THEOL will be press...
  12. I didn't know Meds cost a lot, I have also learnt a few weeks ago that Gorillaz "Demons Days" is expensive. Glad to own this two lp. For this reedition I think I will take Sleeping With Ghosts.