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  1. Really looking to thin the collection out a bit. Shoot me a PM if you're interested in anything, would be glad to work something out :D Buy tonight and I ship tomorrow. 7" Caravels - s/t - clear w/ random splatter /250 Converge - Live at the BBC - white /333 split - Adventures / Pity Sex - white w/ blue haze (RFC sub exclusive) /250 split - Grey Zine / Miserable - yellow /250 rfc sub exclusive split - Self Defense Family / Meredith Hunter - orange /250 rfc sub exclusive 12" Between The Buried And Me - Alaska - red Between The Buried And Me - Colors - orange /300 sold Caravels - Lacuna - clear w blue splatter /200 Coasta - Sunzal - sunburst /125 Converge - All We Love We Leave Behind - Yellow /1021 Daïtro - Y - 3rd pressing translucent yellow /270 Death Of Lovers - Buried Under a World of Roses - Opaque Light Blue /300 Doomriders - Grand Blood - "river of blood" /300 Enabler - All Hail The Void - first press clear w/ white splatter /125 The Fall of Troy - Manipulator - first press white/gold swirl with blue/orange/pink splatter /500 (hot topic) The Hotelier - It Never Goes Out - white, yellow, green starburst /500 Insect Warfare - s/t - pink Mountain Man - Grief - 1st press red /150 Norma Jean - The Anti Mother - translucent blood red /700 OAK - II - black Reel Big Fish - Turn The Radio Off - green/orange swirl /500 Seven Sisters of Sleep / Children Of God - split - black Spraynard - Funtitled - third press translucent blue /500 Title Fight - Hyperview - white/black "splatter" FYE/Gohastings exclusive Vales - Wilt & Rise - translucent red w/ glitter /200 Warm Soda - Someone For You - translucent blue with rainbow splatter /250 We Were Skeletons - Blame & Aging - fire red w/ black splatter /200 Young And In The Way - When Life Comes To Death - black/white mix /300
  2. this new stuff is on Banksy levels of fake deep and it's hilarious
  3. i... just said... that his interpretation of the words wasn't the real issue.....
  4. chris Z took a line that someone in Shoppers wrote pertaining to their ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP and quoted it directly, told them "fuck that", named the song Shoppers Beef & released it to tens of thousands of people. his interpretation of the line & whether or not people think it's right or wrong isn't the real problem. the problem is that, without an understanding of the context of the line, chris felt like it was his place to take something personal and painful to someone, remove it from its context, mutilate it & use it to call that artist out (pretty much directly) on being racist. there were a million and one ways for chris Z to make a statement on why he feels the trope of good = light, bad = dark is racist. the fact that he chose to take a line in one particular song relating to the abuse someone felt at the hands of someone else (without even bothering to understand the context of that line before using it as a platform for his argument) is fucked up. guy sucks.
  5. UPDATED!!! thanks to everybody who's helped grab some stuff. BUY TWO GET ONE FREE!!!!?? COULD IT BE TRUE?!?!? YES
  6. people are paying money to have this dork "hand pick" them a bob dylan's greatest hits album? LOL
  7. Was on vacation when rsd came around, missed when these went up online. Help me out. Not expecting to get it for cost.
  8. up - too many preorders this week, need some money in the paypal for them.
  9. had an ion as my very first table. threw it in the trash once i had enough to get something else. they're that bad
  10. he's not fucking with you... wasn't a fan of this band before this album but i can't express how impressed by this i am. they pretty much reinvented themselves.
  11. i assume with everything that's gone on with We Cool coming out, this got put on the backburner a bit. i'm sure he still has plans for it. if anything new comes up i'll be sure to update.

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