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  1. do any of you guys think that song was about the military or is it just me
  2. wasn't much of a fan of their other stuff... this new song is good.
  3. DS1 is my all time favorite game. i've sunk countless hours into it - speedrunning, lvl 1 runs, etc. BB was pretty much my sole factor in buying a ps4 over anything else. i am beyond excited
  4. for those of y'all that didnt catch the leak, its streaming in full http://www.npr.org/2015/03/08/390440887/first-listen-lightning-bolt-fantasy-empire?utm_campaign=storyshare&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social
  5. there's no way this isn't too good to be true. put an order in just in case. saw that they often issue refunds for misprices. we'll see i guess.
  6. all the 7"s are OOP variants/subscription exclusives. what im asking is essentially cost for things that have been going for more regularly. appreciate the input though, boyz. knocked a couple bucks off to more accurately reflect the thread title. ;-)
  7. help me clear some space off! got too many things coming in, really need the shelf space! will ship for free if you buy more than one 7" Ages - Rest Your Head - baby blue /100 - $5 Converge - Live at the BBC - white /333 - $8 LPs: one for $10 two for $16 three for $20 Blacklisted - Heavier Than Heaven, Lonelier Than God - 2nd press translucent blue /2000 Enabler - All Hail The Void - first press clear w/ white splatter /125 Fat History Month - Bad History Month - black Insect Warfare - s/t - pink New Lows - Harvest of the Carcass - black /900 OAK - II - black Seven Sisters of Sleep / Children Of God - split - black Until Your Heart Stops - Errors - transparent blue /200 Vales - Wilt & Rise - translucent red w/ glitter /200 VARIOUS SET PRICES: Circle Takes The Square - As The Roots Undo - 10th anniv silkscreened tour press bronze/ochre mix /200 - $40 Norma Jean - The Anti Mother - blood red /700 - $20 Daïtro - Y - 3rd pressing translucent yellow /270 - $15 Title Fight - Hyperview - white/black splatter (gohastings/fye exclusive) - $20
  8. add $6 for shipping (??) and $26 for a single new LP isnt a standard price
  9. price is a little hefty, but went for it anyways. love these guys

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