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  1. Delivery Service and Porco Rosso ... also up at LITA
  2. Love it, And the band is actually referring to this as a EP/ 1 song... And another official LP is dropping this year through their label Rise. 2020=The year of TAS!
  3. K.... But, with that Zen-ful guidance it arrived in very good shape last evening.
  4. Still waiting on my Indie excl from Bull Moose to ship, @IanRees were the indies delayed?
  5. If anyone has any older Ghost (band) enamels or buttons they don't want hit me up... I'm a collector of both.
  6. Target press sounds good, picked it up over the weekend... What a performance
  7. Got my copy on Tuesday and have had it on repeat nonstop since... Absolutely love it!
  8. Not being able to differentiate? Go back and read tough guy. Might not be so puzzling. Clearly stating “HARDLY tell the difference “ means knowing the difference between the 3... just hoped for something different. Personally.
  9. I always appreciate a nice white/black swirl, and even silver/black swirl. Then having a clear etc. Oh well. Was just hoping for something more is all
  10. Just my opinion. They’re both “smoke” variants. 1 black smoke & milky clear. Just figured the other would differ more.
  11. whos bitching about 3 variants? Simply stating the colors of all 3 are underwhelming isn’t saying I’m pissed there’s 3-4 variants, or it exists.
  12. "Interstellar splatter", /500... Much excite! https://music.disasterpeace.com/album/rise-of-the-obsidian-interstellar
  13. thanks for the heads up... slightly underwhelmed with these variants. Can hardly tell the difference between all 3 variants for this
  14. Local shop got there's in yesterday, picking it up Friday. Can't wait!
  15. Agree! It’s killer... I’m holding off as well just to see what WW has to offer. Pretty dull variant on the “smoke” option
  16. It was up on Bull Moose over the weekend, not sure if it still is or not
  17. New Cattle Decap up (in many other spots worldwide) this is what IndieMerch has to offer.... https://www.indiemerchstore.com/b/cattle-decapitation Went with the vomit splatter /500, new song rips also! A "AOTY" contender for me surely