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    jeffthomas84 reacted to OldKentuckyShark in PO Now: Tame Impala - The Slow Rush   
    So I get the complaints by the “the minute he dropped his guitar Tame Impala sucked” people.  
    and I get the “it’s too close of a sound to Currents which makes it less creative than Currents” complaints.   
    but this is a great album.  
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    jeffthomas84 reacted to V3XED in PO: Lamb of God - Self-Titled LP (out on 5/8)   
    Damn!! I live right in that neck of the woods, but I was traveling and missed my chance for a ticket.
    RIP. I am sure that will be a killer show, I have seen LoG a few times and they always tear it up.
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    jeffthomas84 reacted to museummouth in Wes Anderson - Complete Soundtracks Box Set (10 Albums) - Release Date: TBD   
    Still would drop $300 on this instantly if it happened. 
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    jeffthomas84 reacted to Rip in The Mondo Records Thread - You think limited? Will sell fast?   
    Man I really, really want that Lodge soundtrack going up this week by why did they have to put it in a screen-printed poly sleeve?  There’s no way this company has no idea about outgassing issues, right?
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    jeffthomas84 reacted to pizza face in Video Game OSTs v2.0   
    Wish I went with that bowser variant. Damn, still got yoshi so I'm not mad. 
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    jeffthomas84 reacted to Tidal Wave in PO: Lamb of God - Self-Titled LP (out on 5/8)   
    cool free event in chicago
    the house of vans shows are always a good time
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    jeffthomas84 reacted to Tommy in PO Now: Tame Impala - The Slow Rush   
    The video for Lost in Yesterday is great
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    jeffthomas84 reacted to zaoza in PO: The Black Dahlia Murder - Verminous (4/17/2020)   
    Title-track single up on the 4th of Feb.
    - deluxe box set (slip-lid box, digi-CD w/ bonus tracks, purple marbled vinyl, 7″, poster flag, beanie, art prints (2) – limited to 1000 copies)
    - RPG box set (hand-numbered box, digipak-CD, 24p campaign booklet, dice (7), Dungeon Master’s screen, maps (4), creature encounter cards (4), blank character sheets (5) – US exclusive – limited to 500 copies)
    - moonstone gray vinyl (US exclusive – limited to 2500 copies)
    - neon green vinyl (US exclusive – limited to 500 copies)
    - glow-in-the-dark vinyl (US exclusive – limited to 500 copies)
    - green w/ black splatter vinyl (US exclusive – limited to 600 copies)
    - clear w/ black, green and white splatter vinyl (US exclusive – limited to 800 copies)
    - clear vinyl (US exclusive – limited to 100 copies)
    - liquid vinyl (US exclusive – limited to 50 copies)
    - 180g black vinyl (EU exclusive)
    - grey / black marbled vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 500 copies)
    - white vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 300 copies)
    - pink vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 300 copies)
    - green w/ yellow splatter vinyl (EMP exclusive – limited to 200 copies)
    - red / black marbled vinyl (Impericon exclusive – limited to 200 copies)
    - clear vinyl (Impericon exclusive – limited to 200 copies)
    - green / white split vinyl (EU webshop exclusive – limited to 100 copies)
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    jeffthomas84 reacted to drewberinger in Extreme Metal Releases and Pre-orders   
    Sightless Pit - Grave of a Dog featuring members of Lingua Ignota, Full of Hell, and The Body
    out on Thrill Jockey 2/21
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    jeffthomas84 reacted to Rottengoth in PO NOW: Code Orange - Underneath 3/13/20   
    Code Orange - Underneath
    1) (Deeperthanbefore)
    2) Swallowing the Rabbit Whole.
    3) in fear
    4) you and you alone
    5) who am I
    6) cold.metal.place
    7) sulfur surrounding
    8) the easy way
    9) erasure scan
    10) last ones left
    11) autumn and carbine
    12) back inside the glass
    13) a silver
    14) underneath
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    jeffthomas84 reacted to lexicondevil in Extreme Metal Releases and Pre-orders   
    Top 14  15 Heavy Listens for 2019, in no order:
    Numenorean – Adore
    Abbath – Outstrider
    Knocked Loose – A Different Shade of Blue
    Blood Incantation – Hidden History of the Human Race
    Death Angel – Humanicide
    White Ward – Futility Report
    Sentient Horror – Morbid Realms
    Tomb Mold – Planetary Clairvoyance
    Gatecreeper – Deserted
    Full of Hell – Weeping Choir
    Merlin - The Mortal
    Vastum – Orificial Purge
    Devil Master – Satan Spits on Children of Light
    Abigail Williams – Walk Beyond the Dark
    Late add: I forgot about Creeping Death - Wretched Illusions.  This one should have gotten a lot more attention.
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    jeffthomas84 reacted to Dugan Nash in PO now- living sacrifice s/t   
    Not sure how many, if any , living sacrifice fans are on here, but this was welcome news for me. Their debut was pure thrash goodness. No mention if there will be a re-master or anything of the sort, but this being the only pressing thus far, it was a must order for me (although the price point gave me pause) 
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    jeffthomas84 got a reaction from KingTacoMunster in PO Now: The Acacia Strain - It Comes In Waves   
    Love it, And the band is actually referring to this as a EP/ 1 song... And another official LP is dropping this year through their label Rise. 
    2020=The year of TAS!
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    jeffthomas84 reacted to Monastic_mike in PO NOW : Eazy-E - It's On 187um Killa   
    Got tracking this morning
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    jeffthomas84 reacted to timsimmons in The Mondo Records Thread - You think limited? Will sell fast?   
    Ragnarok Wednesday. 

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    jeffthomas84 reacted to erikness in Extreme Metal Releases and Pre-orders   
    Solid list for a good year of metal releases. Feel like they should have put that Pissgrave album on there though.
    Right now I'm loving the new Blood Incantation and Cattle Decap albums. Really dig the new Mayhem too.
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    jeffthomas84 reacted to CVHX in PO: Anthony Green - Would You Still Be With Strings   
    i dont think i've ever seen black with splatter turn out good.
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    jeffthomas84 reacted to tetsuodaironman in Here Is Nowhere Records: Secret Truth of the Universe EP 2 (lathe soon???)   
    You guys might know me as the guy who trolls on other threads like 98% of the time and if not, well, hello. I am updating this thread because I would like to be more active with my label (which mostly releases tapes now). YEARS ago, I put out a lathe. Not many copies. I couldn't really write, sing or record for shit (probably still can't), but I am putting out a new EP called "Jubilee" soon. I have some singles on Bandcamp as of right now. It will be 5 songs. Here are two of them:

    My real question is: If I do another lathe run of these would anyone have any interest in them? I would do a run that fulfills the demand even if there were as few as 10 or 20. Also, I have a folk tape I just put out for a friend and folk musician who past some years ago available on my Bandcamp called "Blake Mackey: Collected Works Vol. 1 & 2", I have a slowcore release slated to come out in a few weeks from a long defunct band and I am putting out an official tape for Hunt the Dinosaur's "Dankosaurus".
    So, anyhow, would anyone be interested in a lathe if I do another EP? Please check the tracks out. They are def in the dream-pop vein. Thanks so much.
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    jeffthomas84 reacted to verb1999 in PO NOW : Eazy-E - It's On 187um Killa   
    Agree that this is one of the greatest EPs of all time, and includes one of the greatest intros of all time.  All the way Down 2 Tha Last Roach, front to back, rapid fire bangers.  I remember taking two vacations to LA when I was between 13 & 16, circa 1994-1996, and we didn't vacation much [at least far away].  Being from Minnesota, we definitely didn't have hip-hop/rap radio stations or anything of the kind.  With no internet, all of this was really spread through word of mouth.  Crazy to think about...  But anyways, (probably on 92.3 The Beat I'm guessing) they played all this stuff.  I remember hearing It's On, and thinking that was so cool hearing it on an actual radio station.
    It's On was supposed to be the first single, and I wanna say this EP was set to be released before Real Muthaphukkin G's was even recorded.  I forget how/why it came about, but I found super fascinating to learn that Eazy-E met B.G. Knocc-Out and Dresta the day that song was recorded.  In the studio.  Literally picked up from the Compton streets, brought to the studio, and first thing they did was jump in the booth & fire off those (at least in my mind) legendary verses.  Eazy loved it, and was on board with those boys from that point.  If you guys are interested in this stuff too, youtube DJ Vlad's interviews with them.  They tell all the stories, and if you guys are anything like me, you'll be glued to it.
    I always thought B.G. Knocc-Out and Dresta were very underrated.  They killed it on this EP.  Has anybody heard their solo album Real Brothas?  Fucking great West Coast G-funk flavor.  That should've been a huge album, I thought.  
    I would love to see what they all would have done, especially with Bone coming into the fray a year or so later, had Eazy never died.  
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    jeffthomas84 reacted to xen0m0rph in PO: Beastie Boys (limited color reissues)   
    got some info from fatbeats
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    jeffthomas84 reacted to Roandy55 in Pvris - All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell (8/4)   
    I was a bit neutral on the title track and thinking maybe a pass, but hell no. Instant buy if/when the vinyl is released.
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    jeffthomas84 reacted to N8TRU in Pvris - All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell (8/4)   
    Talk about no hype around the release. It's really good.
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    jeffthomas84 reacted to kramer73 in Nirvana - Unplugged (25th Anniversary 2LP) - Colored   
    Got the Target version today.  They shipped it in a regular box with some bubble wrap on top.  Oh well, no damage.  Sounds great!
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    jeffthomas84 reacted to DylanMcKay in Urban Outfitters Exclusive Vinyl & Sale Discussion