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  1. Got my albums in today, and they sound GREAT! I asked in the notes section of the order for Sam to sign/doodle on the covers (he did it with my OG pressings of Dog Problem and I&L so I figured I'd give it another shot with these) and this is what I got! I absolutely love them! Also, Sam messaged me about my tweet (what I shared a few posts up) and since I had already ordered, they refunded my entire order.
  2. I think y'all can thank me for this pressing... only took 7ish years
  3. Really bummed these aren't getting a retail release... really wanted Coloring Book but not at that price. oh well!
  4. I'm amazed BMR hasn't done a vinyl pressing of her christmas ep... maybe next year. I'd also love for Taylor to do a full fledged christmas album!
  5. I bought the hoodie and the record... shipping was a whopping $4.xx for the sweatshirt. Cannot wait to hear more... Brian never lets me down.
  6. https://www.bullmoose.com/p/32510822/matt-nathanson-some-mad-hope-blue-vinyl-sky-blue-vinyl-rsd-bf-exclusive-ltd-2000
  7. I'm thinking it would only look that good if its actually a picture disc that has the glitter inside and doesn't actually look like a picture disc, ala Macklemore's The Heist in gold
  8. Was able to find a copy of Matt Nathanson on eBay for retail from a store in Texas. Hallelujah!
  9. I'd be willing to bet that this will show up at UO, as I'm pretty sure the self-titled is their exclusive, so I'll throw it in here... Spice World is getting an official pressing, set to be released in March 2020!
  10. Also worth noting the standard black pressings are available pretty much everywhere now for around $20.
  11. Got my copy today, and seam splits out the wahzoo! Gonna take it to my store to exchange. The mailer they sent it in was interesting. ...and fuck Scooter and Borchetta. That statement they posted never addressed her allegations and flipped it to make themselves look like victims. But it seems that they have backed down now that it’s public. Brava Taylor!
  12. Exactly the clarification I was looking for. Thank you! I’m assuming the listings I’m seeing on those sites are just the first ones and the rest will be going up soon. cheers!
  13. I’m really confused... it seems like certain albums are available in different places other than her webstore. SRC has My Everything, BullMoose has Yours Truly (for only $19 compared to $30 on her site, though it’s just a black pressing). Curious to see where these will all end up!
  15. Looks like copies are starting to arrive! ...mine is also set to arrive on Saturday!
  16. Just saw they updated pics on targets site, and you can see on the center label that “Soon You’ll Get Better” IS definitely on the album. ...and it’s now also in the product details of the listing
  17. I feel the EXACT same way. Blond was my favorite of 2016, and still gets spun frequently... Endless was great, Channel Orange was(/is) iconic, all the post-Blond singles were great... but these are just blehhh.
  18. No clue... I got an email about it, and now all the items have a timer on their page, and the time runs out at midnight.
  19. So it looks like the vinyl, cassette, and all other merch sales are done tonight at midnight est
  20. Watch Big Machine use the original version with the "gay" line just to spite Taylor
  21. YEEZY SEASON APPROACHIN! Now, is this like Ye and KSG where it will be widely available for cheap or is this gonna be a webstore exclusive?
  22. My copy arrived today! I just assumed this was a preorder and it'd arrive in a month or two, so I was quite surprised to see it on my doorstep! Pretty basic... regular jacket with nothing other than the album. The picture disc looks really nice, and is housed in a lined sleeve. Can't spin it to check on sound just yet... I just moved and my stuff still isn't fully setup
  23. They put it on their instagram the other day https://www.instagram.com/p/B3afVPknmYA/