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  1. Selling the following, all with shipping included! Manchester Orchestra - Cope Deluxe Box Set (with RSD 7 inch) $60 Manchester Orchestra - Simple Math (white) $32 Thrice - Beggars (blue/green/brown) $30 Thrice - Palms (smoke) $30 Thrice - Palms (black, inner white sleeve only) $12
  2. Just have a couple I'm trying to get rid of. Definitely accepting offers if you're not feeling the price. Also looking for the Man of Steel soundtrack on vinyl. Linkin Park - Meteora (gold) $100 Stranger Things - Volume One (gray/black smoke) $60
  3. Wouldn't it just be a sad lie if the first 2000 are numbered? Like "let's make the first 2000 feel good about themselves with this fake number?" Because ultimately this pressing is not out of 2000, but more like 6000 or 8000. Maybe they'll round off the pressing and then number them out of that amount. But numbering out of 2000 and pretending there aren't more pressings is a little silly.
  4. I've got 4 albums I'm getting rid of. All prices include shipping! Radiohead- Ok Computer (black) $18 Radiohead- Kid A 10" $18 (or both for $30) Shaun of the Dead Mondo Soundtrack (black) $25 Jimmy Eat World- Integrity Blues (blue) $20
  5. Standouts: Lit Me Up, Can't Get It Out, Waste, Same Logic/Teeth, 137, No Control. Pretty good: rest of the album. Really nothing bad or unlikeable about this album. Even the songs I'm not as invested in like 451 or Could Never Be Heaven are still great. I'd say Lit Me Up, Waste, and 137 are the favorites though.
  6. All prices include shipping. The Gaslight Anthem - Handwritten (blue) $20 The Gaslight Anthem - American Slang (black) $15 The Gaslight Anthem - 59 Sound/Cowgirls split 7" $8 (will sell all three together for $40) Jimmy Eat World - Integrity Blues (blue) $20 Bon Iver- Bon Iver 2x LP (black) $12 Breaking Bad Original Score Vol 1 2x (meth blue) $25 Linkin Park - Meteora (gold) $75
  7. I have a red and mint, and I'm considering selling one.
  8. Looking to get rid of a few albums I have. Will be updating with more. All prices include shipping. Manchester Orchestra- Simple Math (Deluxe)...this one was signed by the band and included a print by one of the members which is also signed. Print is 25/50. $Make offer Radiohead - King of Limbs Newspaper edition (no CD). $Make offer Gaslight Anthem - American Slang $15 Jimmy Eat World - Invented $10 Jimmy Eat World - Chase This Light $15 Jimmy Eat World - Integrity Blues (blue) $20 Mondo Batman: Animated Series 7" - Man-Bat $20 Breaking Bad 2x LP Official Score (Blue) $Make offer PM me if interested!
  9. Dunno what I'm sadder about, that situation or all those damn hashtags. Sorry friends...
  10. Those are my 2 least favorite songs on the album. This whole release has been really interesting. Opinions on favorite and least favorite songs have been seriously all over the place. My least liked song used to be Wake Up. Still not a favorite, but it has grown on me. I'm interested to see what people think a few months from now.
  11. So is there any info as to why? Did they oversell or just straight up send people who preordered black ones the smoke ones? Or smaller print run?
  12. got mine in. Smoke. Looks great, but sorry to all those who got screwed....