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  1. the traditional and most effective solution is a shelf. Particularly if you live in an older place with wood floors, all the anti vibration doodads in the world may not solve the issue.
  2. This one really bummed me out. She was adorable, hilarious, and a complete badass. Not to mention the best rock and roll scream of all time. I finally got to see them at PRB back in 2015. Here's my favorite Muff's song: RIP
  3. Hey, you never know. Whoever bought this turntable probably grew old and died by now and his children may be looking to unload the turntable.
  4. mostly agree with the above. $500 puts you toward the bottom of a lot of the typical midrange selections. My personal upgrade path went from some Polk Monitor 70s to a pair of Monitor Audio RX1s that I got new on clearance for around $500. From there I moved to a pair of Monitor Audio RX8s that I found used on Craig’s List for $750. There are a lot of solid choices in the $500-$1000 range used market.
  5. Not vinyl related but I recently added some SVS Prime Elevation speakers to serve as front heights in my AV setup AV receiver - Marantz SR7012 Stereo Amp - Marantz PM8004 (powering Front L/R) Front L/R - Monitor Audio RX8 Center - Monitor Audio RX Center Front Height - SVS Prime Elevation Surround - Monitor Audio RXFX Subwoofer - Monitor Audio RXW-12 Sources - Apple TV 4k, PS4
  6. Roger. I’ve owned the Marantz PM500x, PM600x, and PM800x. The PM5/6 seemed pretty similar to me and are a reasonable purchase if you can find one at the right price. For a while Amazon Warehouse was selling PM5004s off and on for less than $200. Very good buy at that price. the PM800x series is a different story. It’s made in Japan along side the $$$ reference series and is far beefier than the 5/6 series. The feature set is basically the same with the exception of the 8 series having a power-amp only mode that allows you to integrate it with an AV setup. This
  7. Jaime, Arya, And The Hound are basically the suicide squad. I’d like to see Arya abandon her vendetta v.s Cersei to help the Hound Kill his brother and Jaime step in to Queenslay his sister.
  8. Should list what speakers you're using as well. Most of the usual suspects in your price range will handle a wide range of speakers but some may not be rated for a 4ohm load.
  9. GRRM has said that the whole fire-proof thing is sort of a one-off (two-off?) trick. Fire-resistant may be more appropriate. John burned his hand way back in Season 1 when he saved Lord Commander Mormont from the wight.
  10. important to understand that a receiver is by definition a preamp + amplifier + radio receiver. Usually at minimum you need an "integrated amplifier" which is simply a preamp + amplifier. The "preamp" part of the equation is basically volume control. Products like PM5005 or C 316BEE are Integrated amplifiers and will work great for a vinyl setup as they also include a "phono preamp". a "phono preamp" is not to be confused with the "preamp" mentioned above.
  11. I “accidentally” bought a Marantz PM8005. I bid on it on eBay because it seemed too cheap and ended up winning. I might is it as a second amp to power my fronts (along with my existing PM8004)
  12. be sure the tape out is selected. Usually you have to select the input and then tape1/2 to get sound output for recording.
  13. if you have a computer, you probably just need a turntable.
  14. I assume you can ground to the preamp and the turntable should come with the appropriate cable. You’ll likely want to eventually upgrade the speaker end, but it’s a good start. The only other thing is that you may want something like a Schiit SYS if you still want to use the speakers with your computer and then switch source to the turntable.
  15. I owned a Marantz PM5004 and a PM6004 before eventually upgrading to a 2nd hand PM8004. If I had to choose between a PM5005 and the Rotel A10, I would probably go with the Rotel just because of the Preamp out/trigger feature that may come in handy down the road. THAT SAID, based on my own experience, I would recommend keeping an eye out for a used Marantz PM800(4/5/6). I see them come up used for around $500 (in the US) here and there and I am really happy with mine. Although, if you're in NZ/AU area, I understand that the prices/market for stuff like thi
  16. If you think insurance will cover it, I would just run it hard and see if it fails. You could pull it apart and see if there’s visable water damage, but if it’s working now, it’s probably ok.
  17. I got a Marantz TT 15-S1 as a B stock from Music Direct several years ago and am completely satisfied. The Best Buy Magnolia in my area carries them. Given your recent experience, I’d say you have a good opening to ask for some $$ off.
  18. I used a Project Debut Carbon with the previous gen Monitor Audio Silver RX1s and eventually upgraded to a Marantz PM8004 I found for $500 from a dealer on ebay (probably leading up to the release of the PM8005). the PM800x series is made in Japan in the same factory as their reference series and is built like a tank. The PM600x and PM500x models are not even close to the quality. My 8004 is currently driving some Monitor Audio RX8s with a Marantz TT-15S1 turntable so it will easily scale up to higher end gear. I think they're up to PM8006 at this point, but I don
  19. If you want to use an external preamp, plug it into the Aux input.
  20. Thanks for helping out with the trouble shooting. It’s helpful to have a second opinion.

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