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  1. I agree, I wish they would have left it off or added it as the last track. It seems to be an unmastered rough mix demo/outtake.
  2. I googled and found this - http://soundcheck.wnyc.org/blogs/soundcheck-blog/2013/feb/07/schoolhouse-rock-covers/
  3. I know, I was lucky to see someone post that there were still some available at acoustic sounds.
  4. yeah, that stinks, probably gonna be a little bit more- on a side note, I paid via PayPal and I wasn't able to pay until they sent me an email invoice. So maybe you could email them [email protected]​usticsounds​.com and ask how much for shipping?
  5. If you're still looking, I just ordered one from acousticsounds.com last week. Got it in today. Looks like they still have some.
  6. Just got mine in from acousticsounds as well. Sounds great/looks great.
  7. Yeah I got invented just for the OCD aspect of my JEW set. It sounds like a cd rip.
  8. Just checked, ordered mine on 4/9. Earlier today was listed as 'processing', now says, 'complete'. Shipped.
  9. Cool - I was still getting an error when I used the IMG link. But I got it to work when I used the direct link. Thanks!
  10. bump - how do you do this? I tried to use imageshack & it said 'you cannot use this link'. I tried to just paste a pic and it just times out.
  11. This is a great point. That can apply to a lot of bands. Where their weakest stuff is still better than most of the shit that is out there. Even though I like Era just fine.
  12. You selling other stuff off of your list?
  13. I also have a Clarity (10th anniversary) I might want to sell.
  14. I grabbed one. I hate Linkin Park, but the teaser doesn't sound bad. That live video however, is silly.
  15. There was a copy up a couple weeks ago. Went for $150 buyitnow. I was on the fence with it. But it was only up for a few days.
  16. I posted a very similar WTB thread, with very similar responses. Deleted it when it died. There's a Failure up on Ebay right now if anyone is interested, I don't have the $ at the moment, probably gonna fetch over $200. http://www.ebay.com/itm/330924380065
  17. So I ended up with both copies... I am probably going to sell one. Though I am having a hard time bringing myself to it. They are both really great. The OG sounds amazing, one of the best sounding vinyl I own. The repress sounds great too, definately a different master, sounds 'warmer'. I noticed the transition issue as well on the repress. Really love the addition of the Sweetness demo. You can hear different layers of bgvs, strings & tones on both versions.
  18. Anyone have or had both copies of Clarity & have opinions on which one is better & how they are different? Mainly in regards to audio/sound quality- I know on the reissue there's additional artwork, bonus tracks & it was remastered for the repress? Anyone have any info/opinions?

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