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  1. Still trying to decide if I wanna get the RHCP release... My store has it for $55 which is a lot... decisions.
  2. Guess I am kinda late here, but the girl in red and Olivia Rodrigo albums are so fucking good!
  3. THANKS! Just purchased... was kicking myself for not buying originally. Only bummer was the shipping. Oh well!
  4. Got everything at my shop except Egyptian Jazz by Salah Ragab. Hopefully I can find one online.
  5. Just got shipping confirmation for my boxset, I ordered close to the cut off, so hopefully others get an update soon.
  6. Wanted to update and say I’m still waiting on mine to ship. Was told this week when I emailed them, but guess something is amiss?
  7. Still waiting on my shipping... wonder if it’s because I got the vinyl plus hoodie and shirt? Not sure. Hopefully soon!
  8. Still no shipping confirmation or anything. Kinda just waiting and hoping for the best. But who knows?
  9. Kinda my plan. I like both variants. But the splatter, phew!
  10. So realistically. How fast will the splatter sell out you think? I’m planning on being there right at drop, I just don’t want to get screwed over.
  11. Up on Bullmoose: https://www.bullmoose.com/p/34735866/coheed-and-cambria-good-apollo-im-burning-star-iv-volume-2-no-world-for-tomorrow
  12. Not sure why the live Alice Cooper album is so hard to find... any leads?