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  1. Not sure why the live Alice Cooper album is so hard to find... any leads?
  2. Sorry to bump this with no new info, but does the album come with a DL code? Headed to my local store today and wanted to know. Thanks!
  3. Bullmoose: https://www.bullmoose.com/p/32294247/danny-brown-uknowhatimsayin
  4. Got tickets for ZZ Top in Tampa.. Not bad and they arent lawn seats, cant complain!
  5. If anyone has a lead on the UK Mighty Boosh boxset let me know. eBay is crazy expensive and don’t need it THAT bad.
  6. The only thing I didnt get was a UK exclusive... So if anyone has any leads of the Mighty Boosh boxset, let me know!!
  7. So not sure if I really need the Office Space OST since I have the boot that has been out for awhile... but I am wondering if this press will be better... it’s a great movie and love the soundtrack... hmmmm
  8. Someone already took American Football, no worries. I was gonna buy the vinyl anyway and share my code after the fact, but thanks anyway!
  9. I’m really hoping I can some how snag this from the UK https://recordstoreday.co.uk/releases/rsd-2019/mighty-boosh/
  10. I have tons of movies I don’t use the digital codes for. I will try and post a list soon. LIST: Isle of Dogs Fantastic Mr Fox Blade Runner 2049 Solo A Star Wars Story (used DMC points but didn’t rememe movie so not sure) Star Wars The Last Jedi (same DMC points) Hocus Pocus (Sams DMC points) Nightmare Before Christmas (DMC lol) I, Tonya La La Land (says expired but might still work) Kingsman The Golden Circle John Wick Dunkirk Ghostbustser 1/2 (says expired) The Revinant Baby Driver Mad Max Fury Road (says expired) Interstellar (says expired) The Martian thats the list for now. I have tons of movies and if you have anything in particular you are looking for let me know... I rarely ever use the digital codes. And just an FYI when a code says expired I have still seen them work, but let me know! UPDATE: I checked online and validiated on my movies anywhere account, that the movies I redeemed DMC points for, can still be downloaded! So all movies are open for trade or sale or whatever.
  11. Same. Not super worried because she is probably slammed with orders. Hopefully soon though!
  12. I ordered an “Everytbing” box, do they normally give shipping confirmation? Or doesn’t it just show up? Not being impatient, just curious.