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    emokid9963 reacted to thebiglebowski in GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread   
    $14 is expensive for sure, just not expensive enough to deter your average beer drinker from partaking. It's definitely more expensive to drink at a sporting event or concert though.
    Fair amount of places do $5 pitchers on weeknights. 
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    emokid9963 reacted to marco_182 in THE OFFICIAL EBAY CRAZINESS THREAD   
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    emokid9963 reacted to Derek™ in THE OFFICIAL EBAY CRAZINESS THREAD   
    I shouldn't be surprised.  I'm confident that 90%+ of the big flippers on eBay either post or lurk here.  It's wishful thinking, but it'd be lovely if the boards were private, and made available only to registered users.  And taking that daydream even further, I'd love to see some strict e-mail or IP bans on accounts if they're linked to these eBay clowns.
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    emokid9963 reacted to jhulud in Silversun Pickups - The Singles Collection   

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    emokid9963 reacted to tokimedo in Silversun Pickups - The Singles Collection   
    Stoked on this. I celebrate their entire catalogue.
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    emokid9963 reacted to stranaspank in What's your White Whale record?   
    Fuckin' A. If it's out there and just too expensive, I call those "gold whales." Being regularly available invalidates the metaphor it's named after. I'm sure we'll have to re-explain this in less than 2 pages.
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    emokid9963 reacted to museummouth in Blink 182 splatter vinyl series Hot Topic exclusive (update posted Jan '15)   
    If you think 1,500 copies sold out in under 3 minutes when it didn't even properly show up, you deserve to be ripped off by ebay.
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    emokid9963 reacted to hickey in Beyonce   
    Honestly, if you don't like her music, that's cool - neither do I. But there's no reason for an ad homonym attack on her as a person (calling her a piece of trash). Argue against her music, not against her.
    I remember when people here jumped all over me years ago when I said Lady Gaga is her generation's Madonna.
    Discussing mainstream pop music here certainly gets people fired up.
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    emokid9963 reacted to hickey in Beyonce   
    Everyone here likes something someone else considers terrible. If people were capable of discussing it instead of resorting to name calling, it'd be a lot more interesting around here.
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    emokid9963 reacted to youmightbewrong in Something Corporate - North   
    I remember it going on sale around Superbowl Sunday, so they just never took down the original item description. 
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    emokid9963 reacted to dmac8706 in Something Corporate - North   
    he said he had a few copies left over and was gonna up them up for sale today. they will go out with your purchase of north. just makes sense. 
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    emokid9963 reacted to somethingvinyl in Christmas music!   
    I don't know if the green are limited in anyway, but my local shop still has 10+ sealed copies.
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    emokid9963 reacted to scottheisel in PO: Reggie & The Full Effect - No Country For Old Musicians (purenoise)   
    I pledged for this record and I couldn't give two shits if someone else has a rarer variant than me. So what? My money helped record the goddamn thing!
    Also, the album fucking rules.
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    emokid9963 reacted to DJ Quik in Scott Pilgrim Vs The World Repress?   
    Lololllolol @ the other prices for the record on amazon from other sellers
    Fuck aftermarket price gouging
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    emokid9963 got a reaction from slinch in Scott Pilgrim Vs The World Repress?   
    Now available on Amazon with a release date of September 15th.
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    emokid9963 got a reaction from oasisish in Autographed records?   
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    emokid9963 reacted to museummouth in FS eBay: Yellowcard, Blink 182, Dead Kennedys   
    Some people do that, yes. But a lot of people here are good people who do fair sales and trades. It just sucks that we have to deal with people like you now. Now I have to sift through sale threads to weed out the bullshit.