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    emokid9963 reacted to Shitty Rambo in Calling any LEGO VIP Members...   
    Fuckin' A dude, can you go one week without randomly popping in a thread and pissing people off? It's getting on my nerves. Maybe you need a mandatory break from the boards...
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    emokid9963 reacted to batman in Calling any LEGO VIP Members...   
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    emokid9963 reacted to Twistedshabazz in Everything's Comin' Up Milhouse!   
    Shearer has bitched up a storm over how much he gets paid like 4 times now and threatened to quit and then they smoothed things over. For someone who makes 7 million a year to make voices he is really complaining alot. As much as i hate to say it i hope he cried wolf too many times and they are gonna tell him dont let the door hit you on the way out.
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    emokid9963 reacted to ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ in NHL Discussion   
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    emokid9963 got a reaction from somethingvinyl in RSD15 Request Thread   
    That is where I do my shopping!  I will see what I can do.
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    emokid9963 reacted to somethingvinyl in RSD15 Request Thread   
    Hey! Anyone going to RSD in Orlando at Park Ave? They have an awesome shirt for $5. If you spend $100 you get it free. I'll gladly pay $10 PPD or trade you something for it.
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    emokid9963 got a reaction from Bull Moose in Record Store Day 2015 (4/18/15)   
    Thank you for the heads-up.  I will try to secure an LP some way.  If not I could live with the CD/DVD.  Thanks again for the awesome video!
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    emokid9963 reacted to Bull Moose in Record Store Day 2015 (4/18/15)   
    It's UK only. The LP I showed was one I bought long ago from a 3/$1 bin. The box with the 2 CDs and the DVD-A was released in the US last week.
    Anthony Phillips isn't on any of the lists of UK titles that appear to be sneaking their way into the US. I love that album and I hope you find it somehow. Based on a casual listen, the 5.1 mix is at least very good. It might be amazing but I wasn't able to focus. Everything sounded just right, if you know what I mean. Check it out if you do surround sound.
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    emokid9963 reacted to Shinji in Record Store Day 2015 (4/18/15)   
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    emokid9963 reacted to museummouth in Record Store Day 2015 (4/18/15)   
    Stl_ben going on a downvoting spree
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    emokid9963 reacted to travis in Rise Records vinyl / Hot Topic exclusives (updated 9/9)   
    I'm not expecting any of these Rise titles to be difficult to get. They should go up sometime around midnight PST though.
    Pretty sure if HT.com sells out of their initial alloment of records on these Rise titles that there will more copies set to go up sometime after that.
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    emokid9963 got a reaction from THE_James_Champ in OUT NOW: Between the Buried and Me - Coma Ecliptic   
    CD/Vinyl preorder is up: http://www.indiemerch.com/metalbladerecords/band/between-the-buried-and-me
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    emokid9963 reacted to anomynous in OUT NOW: Between the Buried and Me - Coma Ecliptic   
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    emokid9963 reacted to gmoney in THIS ATLANTA FESTIVAL 8/12-13 (Quicksand, Thursday, Dino JR, Jehu, MORE)   
    There are no real hotels within walking distance and Marta doesn't really go to the Masquerade (about a mile+ walk).However, I can actually help with parking for a few people if needed at my conplex. Shouldn't be a problem.
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    emokid9963 reacted to gmoney in THIS ATLANTA FESTIVAL 8/12-13 (Quicksand, Thursday, Dino JR, Jehu, MORE)   
    If anyone needs hotel advice or advice in general about Atlanta, let me know.
    I'll see how many I could house, but as I said before, my space is super limited. I could check with friends as it gets closer and maybe keep one or two at my apartment.
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    emokid9963 reacted to annefrankzappa in Video game OSTs   
    So a couple things Id like to point out: 
    This company keeps saying this is an "official" release, yet they will not publicly say where it is licensed from. If it is licensed, what danger is there in stating who licensed it? 
    Also licensing out a single, already published cd, does NOT give you rights to original masters, which means this is 100% a cd audio release on vinyl, which defeats the purpose of it being on vinyl in the first place. 
    There is also the fact that this is a kickstarter. If they are such big "fans" of the game, and not just a horror movie soundtrack label trying to cash in on popular game franchise, wouldn't they have the courage of their convictions to fund it themselves as something they want to see made? 
    There is a lot of rhetoric about how its immoral to release something to FANS without giving money to Nintendo or the composers (who again dont own rights to their own music and get zero money from a license anyway), but if this isnt licensed by Nintendo (and it 100% isnt) and they get no money from it and the composers get no money from it, then how is this any more artistically morally sound than a bootleg release, other than giving money to some giant corporation that had no hand whatsoever in the creation of the content other than funding the publishing of it?
    Also thanks for following me on my mailing list
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    emokid9963 reacted to Michaelgetsboss in (A Disscussion Somewhat Related To) Brand New - Deja Entendu RSD   
    Emo kids don't like Brand New, pretentious assholes do.
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    emokid9963 reacted to soundofsilver in Record Store Day 2015 (4/18/15)   
    I was hoping my five yr streak of first in line would be taking a break this year.  Shit.
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    emokid9963 reacted to dreamover in THE WHITE STRIPES - Get Behind Me Satan 2LP   
    To celebrate the ten year anniversary of the release of Get Behind Me Satan, Third Man Records is happy to unleash the first-ever commercially available version of the album on vinyl, to be released on Record Store Day, 4/18/15. This release includes a full-size, 12'' x 12'' lenticular cover and has disc one pressed on red vinyl with disc two pressed on white vinyl. Newly-created artwork reprising themes of the original promo-only version of the Satan LP will be exclusive to this release.

    Winner of 2006 Grammy for Best Alternative Music Album
    Includes their classic singles, ''Blue Orchid,'' ''My Doorbell,'' and ''The Denial Twist.''

    LP1: RED Colored vinyl
    LP2: WHITE Colored Vinyl
    180 Gram Vinyl 
    includes mp3 download
    Record Store Day Exclusive 3D lenticular cover gatefold jacket
    printed inner sleeves

    Limited to: UNKNOWN

    Jack White - lead vocals, guitar, piano, mandolin, marimba, tambourine
    Meg White - drums, percussion, backing vocals, triangle, bells, bongos, lead vocals on ''Passive Manipulation''

    Produced by: Jack White
    Recorded by: Matthew Kettle 
    Engineer, Mixing: John Hampton
    Mastering: Howie Weinberg
    Photography: Ewen Spencer

    Recorded to eight track reel-to-reel at Third Man Studios in Detroit, Michigan in February 2005, and mixed at Ardent Studios in Memphis, Tennessee.
    Mastered direct from analog tapes.
    Manufactured by: United Record Pressing

    Blue Orchid: http://youtu.be/uoZ4zWuu2Do
    My Doorbell: http://youtu.be/IlcMRq3gb1s
    The Denial Twist: http://youtu.be/y6LuwU3LPLE

    Tracklisting (sequence exclusive to this vinyl):

    Side A:
    1. Blue Orchid 2:37
    2. The Nurse 3:47
    3. My Doorbell 4:01

    Side B:
    1. Forever For Her (is Over For Me) 3:15
    2. As Ugly As I Seem 4:10 
    3. The Denial Twist 2:35
    4. White Moon 4:01

    Side C:
    1. Instinct Blues 4:16
    2. Passive Manipulation 0:35
    3. Take, Take, Take 4:22

    Side D:
    1. Little Ghost 2:18
    2. Red Rain 3:52
    3. I’m Lonely (But I Ain’t That Lonely Yet) 4:19
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    emokid9963 reacted to aju2streets in Record Store Day 2015 (4/18/15)   
    Maybe this'll overshadow that Brand New album
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    emokid9963 reacted to rooks in Troll Thread   
    bahaha this thread is 100% perfect. Perfect devolution
    1. Makes thread 
    *Thread gets derailed because of hate towards troll*
    2. rename thread
    3. delete OP content
    4. Change focus of thread to "okay guys, rag on me haha we're friends"
    5. Defend own practices
    6. false equivalencies
    7. sarcastically ask how to be better
    8. post a picture posing with Bjork
    9. cite real life sex life to prove the coolz
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    emokid9963 reacted to Derek™ in Troll Thread   
    You're not getting it. If you bought the record - singular, not a dozen copies of the same limited variant - because you were a fan, and then sold it 3 years down the road, I see no issue. People outgrow arists and tastes evolve over time. I've sold nostalgic purchases I made in 2009 because the going rates can fund 8-10 new releases that are relevant to my current tastes. There is no harm in that.
    What you're doing is specifically lurking VC like a pathetic mouth-breather, gauging hype behind releases that you're (probably) completely clueless to, and have zero ambition to own or listen to. That's where the problem lies. If you bought albums because you were excited about the music on them, the community wouldn't be giving you shit. But at the end of the day you're just here to prowl discussions and leech off general excitement in hopes of making a quick buck. So, yeah, fuck off.
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    emokid9963 reacted to Brock N Roll in Troll Thread   
    I never had a problem with you before but when you buy 5 copies of a My Chemical Romance record and immediately put them on ebay for 74.99, its pretty easy to figure out why everyone thinks you are a douche.
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    emokid9963 reacted to mrewest in SNL 40   
    Seriously...so so bad.
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    emokid9963 reacted to llamaface in SNL 40   
    Did you ever find Bugs Bunny attractive when he put on a dress and played a girl bunny?