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    emokid9963 reacted to HybridxReality in Michael Bublé - "Christmas" colored vinyl (green/red)   
    I have a AT-LP60 and it plays it fine.
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    emokid9963 reacted to GalacticMelt in Michael Bublé - "Christmas" colored vinyl (green/red)   
    I returned 2 because of skipping just like the reviewers said. Bad luck I guess.
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    emokid9963 got a reaction from voltagedrop in PO Soon: The Music of Grand Theft Auto V Vinyl Boxset   
    Phew! Only $75!! http://www.amazon.com/Music-Grand-Theft-Auto-Collection/dp/B00PBE2GKW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1415326540&sr=8-1&keywords=Grand+theft+auto+lp
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    emokid9963 reacted to jack8urt0n in Out Now: Pink Floyd - The Endless River (new album)   
    I realize you're being on the nose, but to many of us, that is the departure point. Floyd is my all my time favorite anything. The albums they made post-Waters although technically called Floyd, just didn't hit the mark (IMO). Most of the skepticism in this thread seems to be coming from fans who don't hold those post-Waters record in high enough regard to give this release any hype whatsoever. Perhaps there is an attached stigma to still calling it Floyd? Waters went on to make albums post-Floyd, but by releasing them under his own name, he was able to make a creative shift without the expectation of being labeled a Floyd album. Regardless, I still think we will all give it a fair shake before completely dismissing it. 
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    emokid9963 reacted to fernando87 in Out Now: Pink Floyd - The Endless River (new album)   
    Im a big Pink Floyd fan and im gonna listen due respect but without Roger Waters is simply not good enough
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    emokid9963 got a reaction from natenomm in PO Soon: The Music of Grand Theft Auto V Vinyl Boxset   
    Phew! Only $75!! http://www.amazon.com/Music-Grand-Theft-Auto-Collection/dp/B00PBE2GKW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1415326540&sr=8-1&keywords=Grand+theft+auto+lp
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    emokid9963 reacted to Bladewillisisdead in Writing off bands with stupid names   
    Everything they do is the best

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    emokid9963 reacted to justin_cole12 in various download codes   
    Gates - Bloom & Breathe 2 CODES
    Dads - I'll Be The Tornado
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    emokid9963 reacted to corey. in FS: Coheed - SSTB Green SOLD   
    That's what's up. A kind fella on here sold me the green variant for $30 shipped as well!
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    emokid9963 reacted to Juturna90 in Orbs - These People Are Animals 7"   
    Figured I would share this with everyone unaware of this new release! First music released by orbs in 4 years featuring Adam fisher of Fear before the March of the Flames and Dan Briggs of Between The Buried and Me. Not sure about the pressing info on these but here is the link!
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    emokid9963 reacted to rooks in What video games have you been playing?   
    I'm having way, way more fun with evil within than alien so far.
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    emokid9963 reacted to Eliminator Jr. in Your Favorite Underrated/Unknown Bands   
    Enjoyed this quite a lot, thanks for posting! There's a lot of Wild Nothing going on in these tracks and I certainly dig that.
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    emokid9963 reacted to Family Friendly Rap God in GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread   
    I'm watching a documentary on Netflix about how the economic crash affected Vegas. MGM's stock bottomed out at $1.88 in 2008 due to the building bubble bursting and now it's climbing up again to almost $21. Why didn't I invest!!
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    emokid9963 got a reaction from McCandless in Black Friday Record Store Day 2014   
    Why am I such a sucker for novelty Christmas releases....  I have to pickup Wham!.
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    emokid9963 reacted to ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ in NHL Discussion   
    I feel like Olli Maata is going to be a beast this year
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    emokid9963 reacted to +hecollec+or in I want to play a game! (Win a free record!) + hint added   
    This would be amazing, because it is amazing.
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    emokid9963 reacted to flood in HUGE SALE - Test Presses from Nofx, Bosstones, Frank Turner, Fishbone & More   
    I've been here since day one. I post where I want
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    emokid9963 reacted to dreamover in The Third Man Records Thread   
    Olivia Jean's "Bathtub Love Killings" LP/CD is up for preorder and ships a week from today.
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    emokid9963 reacted to defchino11 in PO: Thomas Giles - Modern Noise   
    From Facebook:
    Listen to "Mutilated World" NOW:

    Modern Noise will be released on November 25th 2014.
    North America Preorder: 
    Vinyl/Bundles Preorder:http://www.merchconnectioninc.com/collections/thomas-giles

    *Europe/Uk Preorder Links will come later this week.

    Between the Buried and Me vocalist/keyboardist Tommy Rogers is set to release his second solo album on Metal Blade Records. The new album, which will again be released under the Thomas Giles moniker, is entitled “Modern Noise”. Testing the limits of what he can do naturally with his voice, Rogers' strikingly beautiful falsetto and dynamic range conjures tales of anxiety, collapse, end-times and strength against swelling, heart-lifting arrangements and pristine backdrops of ambient loops, digital burbles, analog hiss and woozy drones. Exploring combinations of the outré genres of both post-rock and electronic, the music's emotionally resonant yet textural sounds draw reference to artists such as Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, the Verve, Beck, Oasis and Spiritualized, balancing both rock and electronic impulses. Listen to the first single from the album, “Mutilated World” now atmetalblade.com/thomasgiles.
    Though Rogers is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist (he recorded most everything himself on the previous album), for this new album he enlisted the talents of a former band mate. Fans will surely recognize percussionist Will Goodyear, who performed drums on "Modern Noise." Goodyear, who is currently in Grohg, previously played with Tommy on the self-titled Between the Buried and Me album, as well as their previous band, Prayer for Cleansing. The two have a natural synergy, and that was only enhanced while working with longtime Between the Buried and Me producer, Jamie King, at The Basement Studios in North Carolina. Rogers adds, "having Will play on the record was such a wonderful experience. We have a very long history together and I'm glad we found a way to create something together again. He was a perfect addition to the record. He made every song better naturally and really brought the album to life. A very creative mind.
    "What is "Modern Noise"? The title is merely a statement that reflects what they are creating: their take on the modern rock sound. Tommy Roger explains the title and music: "This record was an outcome of me creating songs while not wanting to over evaluate the music. I wanted to record things that naturally came to me and because of this, the record feels like an accurate extension of myself. I took a more rock approach and really focused on writing simple yet dynamic songs. Lyrically, I feel it's a great mix of storytelling and personal experience. "Modern Noise" is basically just saying this is my current noise on the earth. We all are here for a short amount of time and the noise we make is our memory.
    "Fans of Tommy's work with Between the Buried and Me, as well as fans who steer clear of anything metal related, will find plenty to enjoy here as this is nothing short of a well written, genuine, and intensely passionate modern rock/progressive album. This is Tommy's take on music, or as he says: "Music is always Modern Noise. I'm just a person in current time trying to create something somewhat new."
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    emokid9963 reacted to Dave Grohl in OUT NOW: Coheed and Cambria - In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth: 3 Repress   
    I'll say it ...
    total neckbeard convention. 
    Coheed's fanbase is very ... unique. I can't really hate on them for liking Coheed, cause I love Coheed (the rest of their music taste usually seems to be clichely bad - the moment when they covered J.E.W. for the acoustic song and the girl in front of me says "who is this?" ugh). But at the same time I'm not decked out in C & C gear, have a keywork tattoo, and are in line arguing about the story line. I feel like there is this certain group that gravitates towards them and that being that group of socially awkward, smokes a pack a day, hot topic frequenting teenagers / young adults who haven't grown up. A lot of the people at my show were loud, obnoxious (trying to get everyone in line to sing a chorus for a fucking vine video), decked out in Coheed merch from 2001, and I talked to the couple who were immediately in front of me, and damn they were young. A good 10 years younger than me. I thought to myself, damn these kids were only 7 when IKSSE:3 came out. I digress, so what I'm saying is that their whole fan base isn't shit, but damnit if it isn't a large majority of goofballs and neckbeards (yah, I'm sure some of they are completely nice and maybe even awesome people). It's not exactly like I'm not socially awkward at times or fucking goofy, but god damn.
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    emokid9963 reacted to justin_cole12 in various download codes   
    Got another Braid "No Coast" download.
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    emokid9963 reacted to Rapidfiretollbooth in PO: A Great Big Pile Of Leaves - You're Always On My Mind   
    That splatter tho....

    Matt Fazzi is insane. I just saw him on tour with The Dear Hunter in July and he KILLLLLLED it. Such a great addition to AGBPOL.
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    emokid9963 reacted to DC1221 in OUT NOW: Coheed and Cambria - In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth: 3 Repress   
    And as far as we know... the black version is the only one that is 180 gram?
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    emokid9963 reacted to Scruffy...the janitor in Out Now: Pink Floyd - The Endless River (new album)   
    No Roger Waters = Not Pink Floyd
    *Though I'll probably still pick it up because of it being instrumental-ish.
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    emokid9963 reacted to +hecollec+or in SURGE IS BACK!   
    As much as I hate giant corporations, Amazon really knows how to take care of their customers.