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  1. bump. somebody please post that signature image (from ronniethebear?) of Virgil with $ $ for eyes that he’s saying “just email me….” so @melvinscam and I can laugh about it in 2023. thanks in advance.
  2. I just scored the last copy from End Of An Ear. we called after and they said they were only allowed to order 5 copies on color vinyl, but they’ll be getting black vinyl.
  3. https://thirdmanrecords.com/news/third-man-records-vinyl-reissues-of-that-dogs-totally-crushed-out-retreat-from-the-sun-out-today Today, Third Man Records is excited to release vinyl reissues of that dog.'s seminal LPs Totally Crushed Out and Retreat From The Sun. These reissues arrive just in time for the 25th anniversary of the original release of Totally Crushed Out and mark the first vinyl pressing of either album. Purchase Totally Crushed Out HERE, and purchase Retreat From The Sun HERE. An exclusive version of of Totally Crushed Out is available in pink and white marble colored vinyl at Third Man Nashville and Detroit storefronts, and a version with a hand-screenprinted LP jacket is available to Vault members only. Retreat From The Sun is available in limited opaque brown colored vinyl at TMR Nashville and Detroit storefronts, as well as select indie stores - listed here: Flat Black and Circular (Lansing, MI) JL Records (West Lafayette, IN) Rough Trade (Brooklyn, NY) UHF (Royal Oak, MI) The Groove (Nashville, TN) Seasick Records (Birmingham, AL) Tonevendor (St. Augustine, FL) Vinyl Tap (Nashville, TN) End of An Ear (Austin, TX) Watts Music (Novato, CA) Factory (Costa Mesa, CA) Used Kids (Columbus, OH) Grimey's (Nashville, TN)
  4. this is the first mention I’ve seen of there being a color vinyl version since I heard about the pre-order. from the End Of An Ear email: That Dog. "Retreat From the Sun" [Limited color vinyl] LP (Third Man Records) Originally conceived as a solo album from that dog. frontwoman Anna Waronker, the third studio LP from the band arrived polished, constructed and aerodynamic for the late 90's post-grunge haze it emerged from. While gems like "Hawthorne" quaintly imagine punk rock shows in car garages and "Minneapolis" recalls the "I only saw her for one second" ephemeral beauty of Citizen Kane, the album itself traverses a myriad of emotions and counts among its fans both Pat Smear of the Germs and the Vivian Girls. Touring in support for Retreat had that dog sharing stages with the likes of Counting Crows, The Wallflowers and Blur. A deep interview by Matt Pinfield on MTV's 120 Minutes provided prime underground exposure. Boosted by a glossy music video, "Never Say Never" even found its way onto the Billboard Modern Rock charts. While a picture disc version of alternate mixes was self-released by the band 2017, this is the first-ever vinyl release of this album. COLOR VINYL AVAILABLE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.
  5. maybe clear with some pink or brown streaks in it.
  6. hey, this is where I spent all my money on RSD.
  7. fuck. how did I miss this? why didn't you guys let me know?
  8. i'm sure you were one of them, you son of a bitch. I want this damn record, but I decided to work instead of get in line and get myself one. I've only been to one store and got mostly everything (that wasn't a fucking pathetic gouge job). I just saw their site has an announcement for a new album. that's some shit. cancel on Fun Fun Fun Fest, break up, then put out a new album? oh hell no.
  9. damn, the things you miss when you fall off a board. I've been playing this and PTF a lot lately.
  10. oh, sure. I'll grab you those with the $86 you still owe me for those Riot Fest tickets from over 2 months ago. pay up, dude. sheeeeesh!
  11. I think I'm going to sell my 2 3-day passes. anyone interested? $200 + shipping, I'll eat the $23 in fees/ticket mailing charges.
  12. any press people heard from Riot Fest about getting approved for photo or press passes yet? I have 2 3-day passes, but I'm considering selling them since the girl is pissing me off about our travel plans. anyone heard anything?
  13. anyone wanna buy mine? I paid $33+tax. I played it once. $33ppd and it's yours. just was thinking it would be a 2xLP for some reason and the 10" doesn't have High Voltage so I find it entirely useless as a "bonus".
  14. when are they going to release the pressing with The Boy's Republic on 120g HT exclusive and 180g Deftones.com exclusive? they should be cashing in harder, I love all the cashing in.
  15. they could use the Isis "heavy" to compliment the chino vocals. it'll be too slow and spacy, it's too close to Crosses and Team Sleep style.
  16. Orgazmo and Chef-Aid would be so legit. is the car song in Basketball the "montage" song? DVDA FTW.
  17. damn, I got 2 at 2 different stores and handed my friend another one forcing him to buy it. if anyone bails on the 2nd copy, I'll let you know.
  18. SNW has Beware, Kimdracula and Combat. the album can't be knocked. i wouldn't say "migrate", i just haven't been around at all. and being here for what, an hour, i saw how much shit i didn't realize was up for PO and died a little inside. the vinyl budget is no longer.
  19. http://www.merchconnectioninc.com/collections/dillinger-escape-plan-sumerian-records/products/dillinger-escape-plan-preorder-bundle-1 is pretty much the album only. cd $10, LP $20. comes with a poster, but it seems to not really effect the price.
  20. nice avatar, thievesdont as i expected, i knew this "shipping end of February" spiel was too good to be true. i really want this to hurry up and get here so i can play the damn Deftones record i ordered along with it.
  21. sheesh, STILL no Magnified? what a bummer. don't you have the test pressing of the Magnified repress, Brian?
  22. fuck, i need me some more Whirr. this band is incredible. i only have the Graveface pressing of Distressor and the charity 7".
  23. mmmm Pink Cellphone. Annie Hardy ftw. i think "Mein" is one of the lamest Deftones songs, mostly because Chino and Serj didn't even record the vocals together at the same time. yes, my favorite band has some weaker songs.

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