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  1. Sure hope so! Re the samples: the XL repress (included the color version) are prob the best available right now aside from the test press. Sure it's missing some of the samples of the original mix (same on Spotify or anywhere else really unless you find a download or whatever), but at least the Frontier samples are the originals. Also a solid pressing dynamically.
  2. The latter. May wind up holding it for a bit but not sure it’s a record I’ll play much
  3. if anyone is looking for a VMP copy, hit me up. Most likely will sell it once it gets here
  4. Yeah I dont even know what to do with this thing lol
  5. Right that was it. In any event, we'll be waiting another year.
  6. Little Demon release was cancelled I thought? Wasn't that what the last update email was about?
  7. Yep super limited. Sold mine awhile back
  8. Same and when I reached out got a generic response about covid delays. SMH
  9. looks like this is up for PO from most shops! https://www.amazon.com/BUBBA-KAYTRANADA/dp/B0833VRQMH/ref=tmm_vnl_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1589990935&sr=8-1
  10. Can anyone speak to the quality of the pink rough trade pressing?
  11. @slinch I just unplugged the grounding/RCAs out of the TT and phono, with just the RCA from the phono going into the speakers. There is loud hum. It's gotta be coming from the phono. Think I should reach out to the manufacturer? EDIT: swapped out the RCA cable/grounding I had with the original Pro Ject one and it got even noisier.
  12. Definitely strange right? I plugged the phono straight into the wall, no dice. Tried taking the grounding wire out of the phono again and it's definitely a less pervasive hum...still a noise but less buzzy if that makes sense. Not sure what to do next
  13. Hoping someone might have an idea of what's wrong with my setup! I have a Pro Ject Debut Carbon and Parasound Z Phono Preamp going into Audioengine A2+ speakers. The TT and preamp are both about 3-5 years old & the speakers are brand new (replaced an old pair of A2s). I've noticed for awhile there's a fairly loud hum coming from the setup when I use the TT, otherwise the speakers are fine. It's harder to hear on louder pressings/hip hop records etc but on more acoustic stuff it stands out a lot. The wires are situated fairly close to one another and everything is plugged into a surge protector (that I also sometimes plug laptop/phone chargers into). I played around with everything the other day and when I took the grounding wire out of the preamp there was no audible hum, but I imagine leaving it un-grounded is dangerous. Even tried plugging the RCA cables from the TT directly into the speakers and though it was very quiet, there was no audible hum. I've also tried rearranging how everything's plugged in and no dice. Even tried shutting off the lights in the room. Not really sure how else to troubleshoot here. Anyone have an idea of what to do to eliminate the hum? Thanks!
  14. Clear version with signed print is back in stock! https://www.recordstore.co.uk/recordstore/recordstore/Mordechai-Limited-Edition-Clear-Vinyl-Exclusive-Signed-Print/6GWQ0000000
  15. Would've loved to get the deluxe if it was like $10 cheaper after shipping 😕
  16. this article is crazy haha would love to hear one of these presses irl