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  1. Brings back memories. I had a similar experience for FV 98 Pittsburgh waiting in line for the floor with Fred just riding a scooter, came right up to us, started BSing, super chill.
  2. The breakdown in One Light Retreating at 5:40 is epic.
  3. Loving the new one, good post to Reflections. Thanks for the link and code, was able to pick up some older Elder I didn't have.
  4. Surprised how big the tour is, but glad to see a Pittsburgh date and even Cleveland/Buffalo.
  5. Glad to see them back, but not feeling this at all.
  6. I bought this a few years back and end up selling it for the same price. Kept it sealed and never listened. It was originally listed as only 20 existed, but I've seen these come up too frequently and made me suspicious.
  7. All solid really. If anyone is interested let me know. Neko case - furnace room lullaby Blue Velvet Soundtrack Bright Eyes - Cassadaga Ben Folds - So There Saintseneca - Such Things Frightened Rabbit -Painting of a Panic Attack Chris Thile - Thanks for Listening The Cars - Heartbeat City Genesis - We Can’t Dance Belle and Sebastián - How to Solve Our Human Problems