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  1. Similar deal. Plus last time I saw them they seemed as if they’d rather been anywhere else. Skipping this tour.
  2. I’ve avoided listening to the new one for awhile. Last one had its moments, but nothing like before.
  3. https://media.nuclearblast.de/shoplanding/2018/Meshuggah/reissues.html The rest have been posted
  4. There were two messages, the one you posted isn’t the one I responded to. Either way, carry on and good luck.
  5. I’m cool, I typically don’t try to help people get the stuff their looking for at at a discount and the one time I try I’m ignored. Carry on.
  6. I offer you BSL at a good price and you ignore my messages then come and post in this thread stating you’ll wait. If your going to last in this community have the decency to respond to messages, be a proper human being, and not waste my time.
  7. Received my bull moose shipment without a notification and lacking mesmerize oddly enough. Glad to finally have these.
  8. I made the bad decision to see flaming lips instead of mew 10 or so years ago at pitchfork.