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  1. All solid really. If anyone is interested let me know. Neko case - furnace room lullaby Blue Velvet Soundtrack Bright Eyes - Cassadaga Ben Folds - So There Saintseneca - Such Things Frightened Rabbit -Painting of a Panic Attack Chris Thile - Thanks for Listening The Cars - Heartbeat City Genesis - We Can’t Dance Belle and Sebastián - How to Solve Our Human Problems
  2. Received me deep discount order today. Only ordered three records and received 10 (packing slip was correct, but none of the records were the one I ordered). Emailed them and waiting on a response.
  3. Very, very good. Little pricey, but if you like Elder order.
  4. Didn't see this posted. https://beholdtheelder.bandcamp.com/album/the-gold-silver-sessions Loving it.
  5. Similar deal. Plus last time I saw them they seemed as if they’d rather been anywhere else. Skipping this tour.
  6. I’ve avoided listening to the new one for awhile. Last one had its moments, but nothing like before.
  7. https://media.nuclearblast.de/shoplanding/2018/Meshuggah/reissues.html The rest have been posted