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  1. Vinny (drummer of Gospel) just confirmed with me a couple mins ago that "The Magic Volume Of Dark Matter" is NOT on The Loser. Matt Messina who runs Sunken Temple Records (and played in the pre-Gospel band Helen Of Troy) will be releasing it as its own 12 jointly with another label. But without going back and listening to our interview with him, I do not know the name of that other label. So it's just another super long song thats gonna be on the LP which is awesome IMO. Glad I could help again with some band confirmed info. Here's a link to a live version of magic volume to anyone who hasnt heard it...
  2. TTT is recording a new LP. I believe Evan was posting stuff on IG awhile ago. Doesnt look like Kinsella is involved though. Which bums me out alot. The studio footage that was shown had Jared from Hidden Hospitals (and previous one of the like hundred versions of Damiera that Evan also played in) playing drums in studio. Jared is awesome at drumming but idk. Kinsella just plays differently on the kit and comes up with interesting things as a result. Things that like, i personally value in T/T/T. But hey we will see what happens with it though. I'm kind of a Matt Frank fanboy myself. So im probably in regardless.
  3. It's called Ron And Matt Must Listen Here's the link to where you can listen. Vinny from Gospel is on Episode 18. We talk about a album he picked but there's a dece amount of Gospel talk in there too obvs.
  4. Had Vinny on the podcast I cohost. He confirmed they do have a studio recording of magic volume, but it will not be on this full length. They are planning on releasing that separately. At least that was what he told us when we spoke to him earlier this year. I guess it couldve changed? We spoke to Matt Messina (who was in Helen of Troy with the Gospel guys and is still tight with them all) at the end of August and he also confirmed that magic volume will be released separate to the new LP. But like I said, things can change? I just know Vinny was pretty straight that they view that as its own thing, and the new LP stuff is different and its own thing. If that makes sense haha
  5. pretty sure I'm SOL on it but if any UK people have any leads on the Shame live album please let me know.
  6. I think this may have been a UK only? But I could be full of shit https://www.banquetrecords.com/mogwai/zerozerozero-[rsd21]/ROCKACT134LP
  7. i was able to finally get Engine Kid through Comeback for a dece price. Gonna go back to my local store this evening i think to see if they have any copies of RATM and The Sword. I have a feeling those 2 will be easier to procure. Anyone know of any other UK Stores with items live now? Was able to get Mogwai & Elbow through Banquet but still looking for the Shame live album.
  8. only thing i was interested in waiting in line for was the Engine Kid box set. My local store had it in their inventory before I left this morning but shortly after the first group of customers entered the store, it changed to sold out. womp womp. dont want to say flippers but...flippers hahaha
  9. Probs gonna wait to hear something else off this before purchasing? New song is not bad for what it is. Guess I am in that boat alot of others are in with the style change and not sure how to feel about it. Idk if anyone in here would be down but the band Show Me A Dinosaur released a new album this year that i think is pretty dece and def reminds me of more Sunbather/New Bermuda Deafheaven than this song. Especially vocally... https://showmeadinosaur.bandcamp.com/album/plantgazer
  10. I might be the only one on here that wants this, but Dischord (color or not) PLEASE repress the Antelope album.
  11. I own the color No Kill. But tbh if they reissued that on a different color (opaque yellow that actually matches the artwork maybe?) I would be on it in a sec
  12. They did a repress of "Different Damage" on blue vinyl a few years ago. I regret not buying it at the time
  13. lame quez, but has anyone who received the cancellation from Holy Roar for the Respire preorder actually received a refund yet?
  14. Their instagram said they were pulling it indefinitely I believe. I hope they go to Twelve Gauge so they can still have the connection to Deathwish. I had no fucking clue about any of this and feel kind of shitty about it honestly because I ended up getting records from the label last bandcamp Friday. A few of the transactions that I bought straight from the band's bandcamp pages (with no affiliation with holy roar on their actual pages) , ended up coming from them instead. Then there were a few straight from them AND I preordered Respire through them. Womp womp.

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