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  1. is the /100 available anywhere online? dig this track and would like to order when I get paid this next week. also, do they have any other music (earlier releases, demos, etc) available online anywhere?
  2. Servants of death EP was meh as well. Jussayin...
  3. Would like to have, but having a real hard time justifying that price. I may budge at some point. I've heard the present line up play some of these songs (the usual ones tbh) live. But actual studio recordings where Jeremy is singing the entirety of each song would be cool i think.
  4. Didnt listen to any of the tracks before the release. Most I heard was a short teaser thing on their instagram. Kind of wanted to be.. surprised? Being that the vinyl is coming from Italy, I didnt want to wait to listen to that. Sorry, no self control. haha. Anyway, I listened a couple times now. I like it. its pretty in line with Crash's "Knots" musically but poppier I would say. Which you can weigh however you'd like. I don't view that as a bad thing really. I plan to listen a few more times and obviously spin it once it arrives. Its a real good first release though. I really hope they are a band that is around for awhile.
  5. I checked out both of these and thought they were decent. Idk about mathcore as a genre, so i cant say much to that. to me they both kind of sounded like mathy skramz like Kidcrash. I would also say that Nitkowski (at least the album listened to) reminded me of what it might sound like if Pretend decided to start a skramz band with the singer of Suis La Lune singing. But yeah, thank you for sharing these!
  6. https://www.last.fm/user/buddha4281 use it fairly constantly via google music on my phone. sometimes through spotify mobile but not as often. and even less often for spotify on my laptop.
  7. Yooo. Thanks for all these! I've liked most of the stuff I've heard out of Canada in the past. Weights & Measures, Rockets Red Glare, Blake, North of America, etc. Though those last few are more post hardcore with mathy tendencies. But anywayyyy For modern Canadian stuff, I would like to throw Shipley Hollow from Toronto into the mix. My band played with them some years ago and I was kind of floored. And since then, they went from being a 5 piece down to a 3 piece. And their new format is just as strong in my opinion. Here's their bandcamp link as well https://shipleyhollow.bandcamp.com/
  8. I am not personally familiar with math-core as a genre i suppose. I listen to Converge, Botch, Coalesce, etc. But from the sounds of this, thats something different all together. Thank you for posting these bands. I'm going to check both of them out!
  9. I thought maybe he was mocking me since I have sadly kind of been that guy in this thread. haha but yeah, personally, I think most of those "not math" bands ARE Math Rock. Like, I get that they arent using capos, tapping every 5 seconds, and playing in 11/4. But thats like what the genre is now, you know? It didnt used to be that way. idk. DUDE! So glad you like them! As mentioned earlier by @BarryZeto , their EP is also extremely good and worth searching out. Back in the day, they had a entire live concert on their posthumous Myspace (haha) page. But i believe it had been uploaded directly to Myspace. So i dont think it exists anymore. edit: initially i only found one track from the live show on YouTube, but then I found this user that has every song from the aforementioned live set. Idk what the order was, but at least you can see them live. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmFbgyxUf4p90W6hj_gzZ7A
  10. Keeping in line with the board... What math rock albums do you guys own on vinyl?
  11. total no offense meant with this, but I would argue "emo" acts like Braid, Moneen, early Mock Orange, Damiera, and more recent stuff like T/T/T and Lifted Bells have MUCH MORE in common with Math Rock (especially modern math rock) than The Mercury Program. But, sadly, it seems like the definition of the genre ALMOST comes down to a person to person interpretation. And even then HOW people hear about different bands can also effect what genre they view them as. Like, no one will argue Don Cab, Hella or Tera Melos arent math rock (except maybe the members of those bands hahaha) but when you start getting into bands that share elements with post rock or post hardcore (for example) , it becomes more difficult. Probably goes back to like, Slint releasing "Spiderland" and some songs on there sound like the seeds of post rock, and some are more in line with early, aggressive math rock. ex. I found out about Shellac because they were often mentioned in reference to Math Rock and those earlier bands. As time went on and i listened to them though, they are just a post hardcore band that incorporates some off kilter rhythms from time to time. But that is my opinion. And I think that opinion also comes from how the genre changed. Maybe at a time where their contemporaries were Rodan and Chavez, Shellac was a math rock band. But the genre grew away from the beginning elements. And modern stuff shares very little with the early stuff. Btw, I mentioned the above emo bands because all of them have off kilter times & noodley shit (to different degrees obvs) that are in line with with math rock. I wouldn't call Braid, Mock Orange or Moneen math rock. Damiera? T/T/T? Lifted Bells? I might honestly. Like i said, how someone finds a band clearly highly effects how they view that band. The Mercury Program is too similar to Tortoise for me to ever consider them math rock. More concise, more straight forward, more rock influenced jazzy post rock. BUT ONCE again, thats just my opinion. And I believe I found The Mercury Program through Tortoise. And I know someone else could argue "well, TMP have these elements that are in line with math rock. So they are math rock" and that would be their opinion. I just, dont hear it personally. My other unpopular opinions: Toe is Post Rock. Unwound was never math rock. Mouse On The Keys is mostly Nu Jazz. And Progressive Rock and Jazz are influences on the genre and therefore, are not applicable to being called "math rock." haha, All genre bs things aside, I will say every band mentioned in this thread is pretty great. And I have compiled a short list of the stuff I havent heard to check out. later. So its pretty exciting tbh.
  12. I hope everyone into T/T/T is also all about Lifted Bells. Their drummer is sick. And the 2 guitar interplay is top notch. Some very good lineage in that band.
  13. Also (not related to anything posted previously) but Paul Slack was probably the best math rock bassist, maybe ever. He played in SWIMS and Planets. Both bands are 2 piece instrumental drum & bass format, and yet his playing is much different in each project. https://swims.bandcamp.com/album/swims-ep I can't find the Planets full length in full online anywhere. But here is a track from it https://youtu.be/E89pBjj_sgc Dude quit music and opened a math rock themed sandwich shop. I shit you not. Look at the menu. Some of the item names are amazing. https://www.meltednapavalley.com