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  1. buddha4281

    PO: Colossal - Welcome the Problems

    i got both the day they went up. Colossal is up there for me. Would really be nice if they did a tour in support of this. seems doubtful though. Their song off the Owen split is rad. And I honestly wish they put out more new music tbh.
  2. haha! yep! saw that right after i posted. its been that way for years. will be time to reassess soon!
  3. I cant wait for this! so glad I waited out and never dropped some insane amount of money on a original.
  4. buddha4281

    Video Game OSTs v2.0

    Holy God! Agreed. That price though... $85 before shipping ...
  5. I remember this. But i think that is because i posted the PO to the 7 whenever that happened. My memory is failing. Not surprising but I def preordered this. And I am still holding out hope for Superbass and a Pink Magick repress at some point. Maybe now that they have shacked up with Topshelf this could happen? I mean the label did press like the entire Elephant Gym discography. So there is some hope there for me.
  6. buddha4281

    Waxwork Records Thread

    Been awhile since i bought a Waxwork release. Looks like i will be back in the thick of it Friday...
  7. buddha4281

    Waxwork Records Thread

    been awhile since I've done a Waxwork drop. Do they have a specific time they tend to go up?
  8. gonna preorder when i get home from work tonight. havent listened. dont need to.
  9. *yoink* had to get in on this
  10. buddha4281

    Moneen - The Red Tree (Boxset)

    theory with the quickness. i want a red tree box but my bank account is saying no. :'(
  11. buddha4281

    Suicide Squeeze 20th Anniversary

    exactly my thoughts/situation!
  12. buddha4281

    Caspian-waking season

    I was really surprised about my record because the mailer looked basically pristine. I'm really happy they are assisting in a replacement. I really love this record, and this variant came out looking extremely nice IMO
  13. buddha4281

    Caspian-waking season

    I emailed them last night as soon as i found out. I ended up doing the live chat option on the site today and got it squared away pretty quick. new shipping confirmation a few minutes later. so yeah, overall, they rock for customer service.