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  1. anyone get a update about their order from 1-2-3-4 Go? I'm not particularly worried since I've ordered from them years past without issue. Just checking
  2. I think you're probably right. My fiance lives in Edinburgh. She's been out of town the last week, but checked some shops for me today. One shop that got The Crow said they received 10 copies. They had all sold out by the time she checked today though. But I would bet that is more copies than my local record store received haha.
  3. I mentioned it some pages back, but I picked up the Ocampo, Ocampo + Watt 7inch. Had no clue that was a project. But I obviously know Devin Ocampo from Faraquet, etc. And Mike Watt from Minutemen, Etc. So maybe that doesnt fit.
  4. thank you so much! now all thats left is the crow soundtrack. which....everyone on here is also seemingly looking for haha
  5. no Green Day at Rough Trade. I'll keep checking discogs and wait on bullmoose. So odd. I thought that and The Crow would be easier to come by. womp womp
  6. do those 3" play on a reg turn table or do i also have to seek out one of the crappy crosley ones? I've seen the foo's a few times and avoided it because i read somewhere online it will only play on that crosley
  7. Wasnt able to get to my local store until almost 5pm. But I was still able to get Jeff Buckley & Mission of Burma. Also got the Ocampo, Ocampo & Watt 7inch. Had no clue that was even a thing and i love 2/3 of that group. so nabbed it. Didnt get Foo's, Green Day, The Crow and Weezer B-sides. Hoping most, if not all, will be available online in the next few days for reasonable prices.
  8. Here's a picture of the Newbury variant. Haven't seen it shared yet. Edit: finally got the image to embed.
  9. This was a insta-buy for me. Very exciting. Wish there was US distribution but what can you do. went with the orange.
  10. Missed out on the first go but was able to nab one this time. Just a regular version. Print is nice but I'm still feeling the holiday financially. Maybe prints will go up at a later time but if not it's okay with me.
  11. @OldKentuckyShark said, this is a UK/Europe exclusive. Would be nice if there was a US exclusive variant... but oh wellll
  12. are any places in the US going to have this variant?
  13. I'll often get the rarest variant when preordering, but I actually prefer how the /700's compliment the art on these two
  14. i got both the day they went up. Colossal is up there for me. Would really be nice if they did a tour in support of this. seems doubtful though. Their song off the Owen split is rad. And I honestly wish they put out more new music tbh.