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  1. I'm on track 5 right now and I gotta say you probably could've put this album on and slept very soundly.
  2. Thank you so much for sharing this! Immediately bought.
  3. Also wanted to throw it out there that their bandcamp has a band exclusive variant of this. The conversion from Dunk's total (with the price glitch) shipped to me here in NY was $54.77. The conversion from their bandcamp a total of $50.72. Dunk has it listed on their page that they cant ship outside the EU right now. Anyone know if Australia has similar shipping restrictions in place right now?
  4. So far, every record of there's I've put in the cart has showed less when getting to the checkout screen. Not sure if they are running some unannounced sale or something? very strange but awesome
  5. @ethanxfoley is the /20 sold out yet? i bought the european variant but considering double dipping.
  6. This album is fuggin good. Band def has some Kidcrash vibes at times IMO. Dont hear Touche or PBTT personally. Will be preordering when I get paid next week.
  7. is the /100 available anywhere online? dig this track and would like to order when I get paid this next week. also, do they have any other music (earlier releases, demos, etc) available online anywhere?
  8. Servants of death EP was meh as well. Jussayin...
  9. Would like to have, but having a real hard time justifying that price. I may budge at some point. I've heard the present line up play some of these songs (the usual ones tbh) live. But actual studio recordings where Jeremy is singing the entirety of each song would be cool i think.
  10. Here to report my Crow was just cancelled. Womp womp.
  11. Didnt listen to any of the tracks before the release. Most I heard was a short teaser thing on their instagram. Kind of wanted to be.. surprised? Being that the vinyl is coming from Italy, I didnt want to wait to listen to that. Sorry, no self control. haha. Anyway, I listened a couple times now. I like it. its pretty in line with Crash's "Knots" musically but poppier I would say. Which you can weigh however you'd like. I don't view that as a bad thing really. I plan to listen a few more times and obviously spin it once it arrives. Its a real good first release though. I really hope they are a band that is around for awhile.