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  1. Moist are issuing their first 3 albums (incl deluxe Silver) soon! http://www.umusic.ca/press-releases/moist-celebrates-the-25th-anniversary-of-their-debut-album-with-deluxe-reissues-of-silver/ yes!!
  2. Problem solved. I determined the SR store/distribution seller used the good ol’ Bill the receiver option. I called UPS and said I refused to pay and the charges should go back to the seller. They did not agree so I asked for a supervisor and when she got on the phone 5mins later she went right ahead and removed the charge from my file. Victory! Now I can enjoy my box set without any bitterness and stop wasting everyone’s time with my shipping charge problem!! YES!!
  3. It’s not a scam. I did get the goods but this bill will go to collections if I don’t pay (or find a way to fight it). I’ve learned it definitely isn’t a duty charge (although now I know the process for easily combating UPS brokerage fees if anyone is interested). I just did some research and got a copy of my ‘commercial invoice’ from UPS. The value of the ‘goods’ is listed as $2.10 (HAHA). The freight is listed as $150. Somehow they sent the package UPS ‘WW Express Saver’ and I have to eat the additional cost above when I already paid for shipping (which then also included a fuel surcharge). I am not sure how to combat this as no one will reply to me from the SR store 🤔 anybody else from Canada run into this conundrum?!? Let’s join forces! 😊
  4. I have not had any luck hearing back from them... just got a bill (I’m in Canada) from UPS for $168Cdn, which UPS said wasn’t a customs fee but the remainder of the shipping cost not covered by the sender... 😡
  5. Mine arrived in Canada today as well. Haven’t listened yet but it looks great. Will listen this weekend! Anyone know now why my notifications wouldn’t be working any longer? I am following many-a threads (including this one) and haven’t received an email with updates in weeks!
  6. Just saw preorder for Splendor Solis on Amazon.ca (Dec21st). This excites me and hopefully at least one of you!
  7. Great news! Thanks for posting! Pre-Ordered!! Btw - What happened to WLRRR? Did I miss something?
  8. Looks like the non-numbered one is sold out as well... good thing I didn't wait to purchase it