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  1. Hey guys. Here are some records I cant find anywhere, if you have any of them and are willing to part with them, give me a message. I don't have a whole lot of money to dish out, but let's give it a shot: Balance and Composure- Separation (Sun fire) The Blood Brothers- Burn Piano Island, Burn (Picture disc if possible) The Blood Brothers- Crimes (Black/Light Blue/Pink Tri-Color if possible) The Blood Brothers- March (Picture disc) The Chariot- Long Live The Chariot- One Wing The Dear Hunter- Act I and Act II Clear The Dear Hunter- Act III The Dear Hunter- Migrant The Dear Hunter- The Migration Annex The Fall of Troy- Doppelgänger- Oxblood Red/Black Split with Bone Splatter (if possible) The Fall of Troy- Manipulator- Tri-Color The Fall of Troy- Self Titled (not black) Fear Before the March of Flames- Art Damage (Picture disc) Fear Before the March of Flames- The Always Open Mouth Stick To Your Guns- Diamond Tiger's Jaw- Self Titled Title Fight- Floral Green- Floral Trophy Scars- Alphabet. Alphabets.