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  1. Upping the order definitely had an impact. Trever told me that last month.
  2. https://www.discogs.com/sell/list?master_id=84329&ev=mb&format=Vinyl
  3. No tests for this pressing so one less white whale for you to hunt down
  4. Looks like they're pressing about 300 more copies, they on sale right now: https://www.iamtheantagonist.com
  5. DM sent. You can post the same message you did in here in the fan club, perhaps someone has an extra copy they'd be willing to part with. The club has 5K members so you never know.
  6. I own most of the releases you're looking for but unfortunately do not have any additional copies. Are you a member of face to face's Facebook page that I run? Lots of people trade on there.
  7. All of these individual releases have entries on Discogs. If you're not already, I'd add them to your want list as they pop up periodically.