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  1. Anyone know what the deal is with the Lawnboy repress? I preordered this from Acoustic Sounds last October and they still have no clue if/when they'll get it. I'm well aware of the various delays in manufacturing, but a year with no idea seems weird.
  2. Saw them in Detroit last weekend and they were better than I could have imagined. I couldn't see them for some reason the last time they toured, so this was my first time seeing them, bucket list checked. Jawbreaker, Sunny Day Real Estate, Get Up Kids Four Minute Mile tour, Casket Lottery, what year is this??
  3. So stoked for this, I love your NMH reimagined album
  4. Scammer alert: User: ther457 This user sent a private message to a post about my post searching for a record advising me to email [email protected] who had a copy of the record I was looking for. After a quick search I found this email attached to numerous scam alerts. Seeing as this is a new user, this appears to be a scammer as well.
  5. Not particularly concerned over which pressing, I slept while this was readily available, anyone have a copy they don’t spin/want?
  6. https://toothandnailrecords.merchnow.com/products/rsmmiatdog-lp $30 First time ever on vinyl, been hoping this one would happen some day. Sounds like they ran into some shenanigans with the pressings in terms of color, but you can see on their site for more info.
  7. Looks like 8/30 per Wargodcollective’s teaser on IG
  8. Don’t disagree with that at all. Most of the soundtracks I own are because I’m a big fan of the movie/game vs dying to own the music. That said, not much a chest thumper myself/buying for the gram. The 8-bit stuff is the biggest exception to that for me, I love that.
  9. Holy smokes, $350! It’s insane what some records have jumped up to these days
  10. I recently discovered this Belgian Stoner rock band called Gnome, they just put out their album King, and it’s amazing. Evidently they had another release as well, which isn’t bad, but King is awesome! Check out Bulls of Bravik, Ambrosius or Wencelas. Best discovery in years and my favorite album of the year so far.
  11. Cool to see the repress, $30 standard pricing nowadays makes releases like this particular one (for me) a wait and hopefully find a deal down the road.
  12. $40 for a single LP is a kick in the junk, on Amazon for $35, don't see it up on Bullmoose yet