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  1. My copy showed up yesterday. I really liked it on first listen and this won't be far from the turntable anytime soon. Really good sounding pressing also!
  2. Please let the unknown be Murlocs Loopholes and Gizz Willoughby's Beach! Also curious how much the OG's of what's being repressed will drop.
  3. I didn't have that issue at all with Orc, that said there did seem to be some of that fine grit that appears from time to time with different variants. Cleaned and put in a new inner and have never had any noticeable problems. Smote just arrived last night for me though, and I didn't have a chance to spin it.
  4. No you don't. You're trying to get attention for some reason.
  5. I haven't placed an order with them in several years, but not overly surprised to hear this really, but losing a retailer even if I didn't really use them isn't a good thing.
  6. For all of the die hard Kamasi Washington fans out there Pharoah Sanders - Jewels of Thought $11.34 oos, but get in on the price now. https://www.amazon.com/Jewels-Thought-LP-Pharoah-Sanders/dp/B0772BDQHD/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1533218846&sr=8-1&keywords=Pharoah+Sanders+Jewel+of+Thought
  7. Seeing them at Red Rocks next week, I wonder how many songs they'll play off this.
  8. pff, like people would even buy stuff now if it didn't have 4 different colors in a starburst/splatter/cumshot variant
  9. That bump though, had me panicking for a second.
  10. Anyone know of any US distros carrying this? I remember when Stonefield's release came out I saw someone on IG say he found a US distro that carried it and it saved $15 or so on shipping. Just figured I'd ask here.
  11. Man, that's so disappointing. I'm glad I got to see them a couple of years ago. Really enjoyed them.
  12. I couldn't find anything to swap for it, so I having never heard it just accepted it. I'm sure there's no chance I'll be able to recoup what it cost, but ah well.
  13. Any word about August? It looks like they aren't planning to announce until the end of next week, which seems odd. My 3 month sub is up, so I just cancelled in the event it's something I don't want, as I have swapped for pretty much everything else I want.
  14. So you work for some po dunk BS corporation and want to take it out on everyone else that you decide to stay there? You sound like a well-adjusted human being.
  15. Was able to check out now, very happy to add these to the Sunn collection.
  16. Not letting me check out either. Seems like I recall having this issue before on SL's site.
  17. If you would fault a sexual assault victim for anything, you are a raging piece of shit.
  18. Only $100 for this steaming pile? In that case I'll have 3.