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  1. Pretty annoyed with Rough Trade, I regret ordering anything really. They shipped 1/3 I ordered, but said they shipped all 3. They're not responding to email or their online help. I would have just contacted paypal to issue a dispute, but used a card to pay. Can always contact my bank to issue a charge back, but kind of annoying. Thankful it's only for about $20, so not the end of the world, but pretty shitty customer service.
  2. Yeah, I'd kind of second what Gaz said. They're a variety of style. Oddments is probably my least favorite of these. 12 Bar and Willoughby's are my must gets, but will be picking up Eye Like the Sky too. But I'd just recommend listening to them and seeing which ones you like best.
  3. Priced nicely too! Need Chesterfield and Bivouac still, so bought with the quickness. Thanks for posting.
  4. It seems hard to believe they'd be pressing a run on some of these that is larger and in addition to the 5K. Pretty happy that we'll be able to scoop these up State side though without breaking the bank on postage.
  5. They actually said the 3 I ordered were shipped to me, but it was just one. Still charged me for the others so not sure if they’re en route also or what. Seems unlikely though.
  6. Was going to jump on this when I got the email, but ~$30 for a 7" is too rich for my blood.
  7. It's 2018, why the fuck are you going to pitchfork?
  8. Hopefully, seeing them in a couple weeks, hoping they have a tour exclusive
  9. He wrote My Morning Jacket's songs? That's news to me, where did you see that? And he wrote Weezer's Blue and Pinkerton? Also news to me. For my comment I wasn't shitting on Semisonic per se, but the fact that they would seek $50 for their record.
  10. Been a pretty bad year for VMP imo. The hip-hop track has been pretty solid, but their standard track has been underwhelming.
  11. I didn't, I got one of the other variants, I can't recall the name but it was the white in clear with red/black/brown splatter I never got a notice from Relapse that it was getting shipped or anything either. I'm usually always a week or so after others seem to get pre-orders, so to get it early was a big surprise.
  12. My copy showed up yesterday. I really liked it on first listen and this won't be far from the turntable anytime soon. Really good sounding pressing also!
  13. Please let the unknown be Murlocs Loopholes and Gizz Willoughby's Beach! Also curious how much the OG's of what's being repressed will drop.
  14. I didn't have that issue at all with Orc, that said there did seem to be some of that fine grit that appears from time to time with different variants. Cleaned and put in a new inner and have never had any noticeable problems. Smote just arrived last night for me though, and I didn't have a chance to spin it.
  15. No you don't. You're trying to get attention for some reason.
  16. I haven't placed an order with them in several years, but not overly surprised to hear this really, but losing a retailer even if I didn't really use them isn't a good thing.
  17. For all of the die hard Kamasi Washington fans out there Pharoah Sanders - Jewels of Thought $11.34 oos, but get in on the price now. https://www.amazon.com/Jewels-Thought-LP-Pharoah-Sanders/dp/B0772BDQHD/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1533218846&sr=8-1&keywords=Pharoah+Sanders+Jewel+of+Thought
  18. Seeing them at Red Rocks next week, I wonder how many songs they'll play off this.
  19. pff, like people would even buy stuff now if it didn't have 4 different colors in a starburst/splatter/cumshot variant