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  1. So, I'm pretty sure my air conditioning has broke on me this past week, since the temperature at my place hasn't dropped below 80 for the past few days. I don't really have the money, or time for that matter, right now to fix it; and it's not extremely unbearable so I can tolerate it for now, especially if I buy fans. haha. My concern is my records. Can the current temperature of my house hurt my records, i.e warp the records and or jackets? I just thought of this, and it's worrying me a bit. Anyone have any insight on this happening to them or what I can do?
  2. I have a few tour prints, signed posters, etc that I'd like to frame but don't wanna break the bank finding good looking frames to use. Anyone on here have any good recommendations what/where to buy?
  3. Has anyone had any experience with this site? Just curious if this site is legit to stream movies and tv shows on. It seems pretty safe from the surface, and my antivirus software hasn't picked up anything when it 'quick scanned' the site before entering. But then again, I have Norton's Antivirus so I'm not sure how reliable that can be. anyway, thx.
  4. I'm really excited to hear how their new material is going to turn out. I've been a fan for years, and I've loved their evolving sound. Can't wait.