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  1. Selling my white Orbit from U-Turn Audio. It's a great budget "audiophile" turntable. I've used this to approve test presses and I know No Sleep Records has too. I'm selling this to help fund my new guitar gear obsession, and will be reverting back to my previous turntable. I've only had this for a couple months and it is in perfect condition so I'm not looking to sell for much less than I paid for it. You'd be able to skip the waiting list and have a mint condition turntable. I also have a preamp that is offered on their website. PM me if you're interested!
  2. $20 PPD Pity Sex - Dark World black first pressing/forward records Title Fight - Floral Green green vinyl Daylight - Jar A side/B side with splatter, first pressing Mineral - The Power Of Failing crank repress Marietta - Summer Death beer with blue haze, first pressing Death Of Lovers - EP blue vinyl $15 PPD Title Fight - Shed orange vinyl Title Fight - Floral Green green/yellow starburst Makthaverskan - II red vinyl Balance and Composure - Only Boundaries blue vinyl Dikembe - Broad Shoulders red/yellow starburst second press Power Trip - Armageddon Blues sessions green/purple mix Tiny Moving Parts - Pleasant Living orange/red starburst Taking offers on cassettes Whirr - Part Time Punks 155/200 You Blew It/Dikembe - Fulfill The Prophecy 2011 tour tape, hand sewn case /50 William Bonney - All Our Songs 17/40
  3. did I miss something? It's just the hand-pours and the tan copies right? This is from their Chicago show that was yesterday.
  4. Came in early since they were a reorder. Cameron Boucher tapes soon to follow.