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  1. He was in a car accident. I think I saw it on Instagram or Twitter.
  2. Like crazy is amazing. And I'm sure I cried several times. It reminds me of how my relationships end.
  3. 50/50 Perks of being a wallflower A lot like love does it for me. I'm not sure why. I cried during the dexter finale.
  4. I only noticed a slight difference between the original and the remaster mp3s. But the vinyl sounded different than the mp3s a lot cleaner.
  5. I have mine hold them if I am not home. I just told them one was stolen and they don't like and they all bitch about it but do it. I Just asked my carrier. Or if you have a neighbor who is home often you can ask them to deliver to them.
  6. Just finished season 2. And I think it was much better than season 1. I really liked the ending. It was a little hokey. But still awesome. Glad Laura prepon is coming back.
  7. Thieves - colorchange Their a band from Austin tx. Like pop punk
  8. I've seen people surf in Galveston. Depends on where at, some spots see more activity than others. They have a few shops around there and they sell boards. So I guess somewhere you can. I see a lot of people boogie boarding.
  9. I'm trying to convince people to go with. Most people don't listen to them anymore. Anyone going to the Austin date?
  10. So my friends bailed on me, hopefully going to fly solo. If anyone is up for the San Antonio date, it'd be cool to hang.
  11. Last time I was at the HT near me, they still had four copies of Buddha. That was Friday and I might go today if they have Dude Ranch. So if someone is still looking for one, let me know.
  12. I get static when I use my brush on the cork slipmat. I normally use the brush on top of the poly sleeve.
  13. I watch it. Got into it right before season three. Netflix was great for binging the first two. I'm hoping they don't make Kate and Derek date. I just don't think it is a good idea. But I'm hoping they will continue exploring the darker side of stiles. I'd have to rewatch the seasonal finale to give a better in depth theory about season 4
  14. I call my cats my fur babies. Mainly because people ask when I plan on having kids and my response is "I already have fur babies and they are a handful." That normally gets strange looks.

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