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  1. Joel Plaskett Emergency - Ashtray Rock (Smokey Grey Vinyl 15th Anniversary edition) https://tazrecords.com/products/775020793712
  2. https://deathcrash.bandcamp.com/album/return Pretty great record that seems to be flying under the radar. Figured I would share it here, I'm sure a few of you will dig it.
  3. We have one in stock; in Canada though so shipping might be a little high for you. https://tazrecords.com/products/011586670433
  4. This is my favourite of theirs but I dunno if I need to splurge on this, I'd be interested to hear the remaster and bonus tracks though. my ranking for the hell of it 1. Photo Album 2. Facts 3. Airplanes / Chords 4. Transatlanticism 5. Narrow Stairs 6. Plans
  5. the Thrice/Kanye crossover we've all been waiting for
  6. Are there any originals on Raising Sand? I thought every track was a cover
  7. I have a Tapestry'd Life on black I'd let go. If I remember right there's some ringwear on the jacket and maybe some other light wear from being in the stacks of a record store for a few years before I bought it.