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  1. Joel Plaskett Emergency - Ashtray Rock (Smokey Grey Vinyl 15th Anniversary edition) https://tazrecords.com/products/775020793712
  2. https://deathcrash.bandcamp.com/album/return Pretty great record that seems to be flying under the radar. Figured I would share it here, I'm sure a few of you will dig it.
  3. We have one in stock; in Canada though so shipping might be a little high for you. https://tazrecords.com/products/011586670433
  4. This is my favourite of theirs but I dunno if I need to splurge on this, I'd be interested to hear the remaster and bonus tracks though. my ranking for the hell of it 1. Photo Album 2. Facts 3. Airplanes / Chords 4. Transatlanticism 5. Narrow Stairs 6. Plans
  5. the Thrice/Kanye crossover we've all been waiting for
  6. Are there any originals on Raising Sand? I thought every track was a cover
  7. I have a Tapestry'd Life on black I'd let go. If I remember right there's some ringwear on the jacket and maybe some other light wear from being in the stacks of a record store for a few years before I bought it.
  8. You're acting like Metallica just decided to gift Walmart these records so they could sell them. In all likelihood Walmart, Target, Urban Outfitters, etc, etc, are the ones financing these releases up front for exclusive rights to them in their stores. Saying some Mom & Pop record store should just license and press exclusive Metallica records is a bit silly.
  9. what the fuck is wrong you guys...genuinely? I know toddlers more mature
  10. Alfa Mist's Antiphon and Structuralism represses are available on his bandcamp https://alfamist.bandcamp.com/album/antiphon https://alfamist.bandcamp.com/album/structuralism
  11. I'll have to remember to grab that Idle Moments next year, maybe one or two others. I hope they do more Tone Poets from Grant Green!

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