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  1. TRACK LISTING 1. Statement of freedom 2. Swaying leaves and scattering breath 3. A faint new world 4. Rhythm 5. Marginalized thread 6. HIKARI 7. Eternal memories and reincarnation 8. Fingerprint mark 9. Dawn and gaze 10. Memories and the limit 11. A step in the morning glow https://www.temporaryresidence.com/collections/envy/products/trr341
  2. god damn this just brought back so many memories
  3. Any word on if this is instrumental or new vocalist? oh apparently Fukagawa rejoined the band
  4. Ring Wars is definitely reminiscent of and inspired by SDRE. Weren't they originally named after a SDRE song or something? May be thinking of a different band..
  5. Bored at work so I'll bite.. 1. Illumination Ritual 2. Sagarmatha 3. Peregrine 4. Low Level Owl 1 + 2 5. Two Conversations 6/7. Mare Vitalis / End of the Ring Wars Almost perfectly in reverse order of release, at this rate the new album will take the #1 spot
  6. that is not the correct definition of trill
  7. Well I think I'll go ahead and unsubscribe from this thread now.
  8. I feel this album is as good as How It Feels and Rising Tide, SDRE fans who haven't heard it are missing out! Stoked at the possibility of finally having it on wax.