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  1. Barberbro

    Need shipping help!

    Lol. Right
  2. Barberbro

    Need shipping help!

    Yeah. Guess you’re right.
  3. I purchased the aural pleasures version of the King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard band but my American contact moved back to Canada. Shipping to Canada from AP is a whopping $21 US. Is there anyone who is kind enough to have me ship it to them and they in turn can ship it to me in Canada cheaper. It’s the only version I wanted... let me know please.
  4. Take your time. Must be time consuming... So glad I ordered this version!
  5. Would anyone be so kind and add on the hip hop album for me. I really want that Badu album. PM me please....
  6. Two negatives equal a positive.....?
  7. Barberbro

    PO: Our Lady Peace- Clumsy

    No offence to the band, I’m a fan. But they’ve always sounded horrible live. I’ve seen them 3 times in the late 90s. All three were bad. Been overproduced since day 1.
  8. Damn! What did I miss..... Any left?t had no idea about this! Snagged one from @ethereal...
  9. Barberbro

    PO: Pearl Jam reissues

    I got my shipping notification for Riot Act a couple days ago from CC music. When we asked about the other two that I ordered, they replied that they will ship the 10th.
  10. It's still in stock. Just hit the button with the date in it. It should add it to your cart.
  11. I know this is off topic, but I just want to know if these will eventually end up in a store. I held off buying because I thought they'd eventually show up. But now I'm getting kinda worrried. Anyone have any insights....
  12. Well.... let me tell you my story. Placed an order a couple of weeks ago.... after reading posts on here, thought I'd never get this thing. Cancelled and refunded order 4 days after it was placed. Deviations showed up today. I'm confused.
  13. +1 couldn't of put it any better