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  1. https://eu.kingsroadmerch.com/hydra-head-records/view/?id=10950&cid=2868
  2. Korgull Of Morgoth

    Mastodon: Rank your records

    Remission Leviathan Call Of The Mastodon Crack The Skye Blood Mountain The Hunter
  3. Korgull Of Morgoth

    Manly music for REAL MEN

  4. Sound Pollution is 5 minutes away.
  5. Korgull Of Morgoth

    Vinyl Storage…We Need Your Help!

    Trissa boxes from Ikea were the perfect size for 7" and 12" They went OOP about 10 years ago and I've never found anything else like that on the market.
  6. Korgull Of Morgoth

    Visiting London and Paris. Recommendations?

    Not overly fancy or anything but decent and reliable. This one time on a FLR-FRA flight they gave me the best yogurt I've ever had in my life
  7. Korgull Of Morgoth

    The official Horror fan topic

    After 20 years, I still remember like it was yesterday the look on my buddy's face when Naked City kicks in in the opening titles. Imagine 2 teenagers sitting in an otherwise empty movie theater, both massive og grindcore heads that grew up with literally every single record Earache put out back in the day, being mauled in the face with Yamatsuka , Zorn and guys with no warning. When casually went in to see this violent movie they were talking about. We had no idea we would be faced by Bonehead blasting at full volume in the cinema. What a time to be alive. When the remote scene came on I was cheering as if my team scored the title goal in stoppage time. The 2007 version is basically a shot for shot remake. It's obviously good but plagued by Michael Pitt presence. After seeing him having the time of his life with MY Eva Green in The Dreamers I just wish I could end this motherfucker's life with my bare hands .
  8. Korgull Of Morgoth

    Visiting London and Paris. Recommendations?

    Worst airport EVAR.
  9. Korgull Of Morgoth

    Mid Year Review

    I loved it but I reckon there might a little too many mid-tempo parts for your liking. If you liked doomier UxTx you should definitely check out their side-project Serpentine Path with the bassist from Electric Wizard/Ramesses. However you can stream this new album here:
  10. Korgull Of Morgoth

    Mid Year Review

    Beastmaker Looking For An Answer Unearthly Trance Majeure Disharmonic Orchestra (...well, it's from 2016 but I got it in January)
  11. Korgull Of Morgoth

    Looking for Tell All Your Friends on vinyl

    Add this to your wantlist to be notified next time one goes for sale: https://www.discogs.com/Taking-Back-Sunday-Tell-All-Your-Friends/release/8246354
  12. Korgull Of Morgoth

    Jawbreaker reunion

    You know the current musical scene is in a very sorry state of affairs when the first 3 lines of bands at ALL international festivals are comprised of reunions or acts that released their best stuff 25 years ago..
  13. Korgull Of Morgoth

    Identification of Record Poster

    What Chicago record is this? Cat number?
  14. I might be wrong but I don't think the boxsets ever went out of stock from the Beastie's webstore.
  15. Korgull Of Morgoth

    Death Metal Discussion Thread

    I find the lack of european swedish death metal in this thread is disturbing.
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    Music Experiment

  17. Korgull Of Morgoth

    De Agostini ‘The Beatles Vinyl Collection‘

    I think these are made by DeAgostini in Italy to be sold by newsstands but should be available in the Uk no problem. Abbey Road is 9.99 but the rest should be around 16.99 or 17.99 which is about the same as the recent reissues.
  18. Korgull Of Morgoth


    I used to go until I found out I'd rather spend a few days in Tokyo and get the same records almost half the price.
  19. Korgull Of Morgoth

    PO: Dr. Octagon "Dr. Octagonecologyst" Box Set

    Still debating whether I should get the one with the holographic sleeve.
  20. Korgull Of Morgoth

    Actively Searching for Two Singles

    https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/3885595?ev=rb https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/4436504?ev=rb
  21. +++ PRE-ORDER +++ starting now:Re-mastered and strictly limited to 300 copies eachPleasuredome - yellow vinylAhead - white vinylBoth re-releases will ship in may 2017 http://www.disharmonic.com/shop/
  22. Korgull Of Morgoth

    Earache On Demand

    Endtyme, finally
  23. Korgull Of Morgoth


    Add it to your want list: https://www.discogs.com/Iwrestledabearonce-Its-All-Happening/release/3171555 Last one was sold in december. You'll probably have to pay around $40.