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  1. http://www.ebay.com/sch/awesomeo4000/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= porcupine tree - metanoia 2x10" king crimson - red original UK pressing legend of zelda soundtrack steven wilson - catalogue preserve amass angus stone - broken brights # second pressing
  2. do people still lose their shit over the zelda soundtrack? i have pretty much fallen out of love with vinyl and could use some $$
  3. jonas obviously has a weird aesthetic but whatever. i do dig the font and stuff. kinda wish theyd get artists like the one who did this to do some design work for them though
  4. it could be worse but its not their best cover. it's a nice jacket though its really glossy
  5. it sounds like sony's legacy label is doing the US release of glass handed kites and that comes in a gatefold? i'm assuming that's the grey pressing also, it sounds very good. possibly a tiny bit muddier towards the centre but that might be me hearing things that aren't there. plus a pressing defect that doesn't seem to be having an effect on the sound fortunately EDIT: loud clicks in the quiet outro of seething rain weeps for you i can't tell if it's been remastered or not but there is still that weird bit at the end of an envoy to the open fields where the levels don't sound quite right
  6. i got the only thing i went for: it's a single edit: transparent LP, has a lyric insert and the poster has imagery from the making friends video. i'll let you know how it sounds shortly
  7. all jakob releases were supposed to get vinyl pressings like 3 years ago on "doognad records" so this isn't the first time its happened
  8. where were you when i was actively hunting the red pressing ~_~ also does the casette really? i don't have a tape player lol
  9. I've had 2 graveface copies + the test pressing and all 3 sounded worse than my conspiracy pressing
  10. wot i wouldn't have called it a bargain at the time but i got erfo for $70
  11. what are you paying ive got casette, vinyl and cd

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