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  1. This is in Pittsylvania County in VA. Finally was able to get in touch with the parents of the main asshole and they said to do what is necessary even if it means confrontation. They sounded really desperate and even said they can't wait until he gets out. Dad works for government and is always away from home, not sure what mom does. I was told from law enforcement that shooting the fireworks out of the vehicle was a felony and I can pursue if I want. In VA they see it no different than shooting a firearm out if a vehicle. The night after I posted this the kid lit off fireworks in my yard and woke my neighbor up at roughly 3am (I'm a heavy sleeper so jokes on him) and he tried to catch him in the act but says his recent back surgery made it difficult and he says he's willing to help and do what he can to put this bastard away. Have an appointment with juvenile intake office Tuesday. Police have taken report and all that. I'm on the fence with the felony charges only because I know what it feels like to be a teen and do stupid shit but the stuff he is doing is petty yet dangerous. Either A, he's going to get hurt or hurt someone else, B he's going to set something on fire, or C I'm going to jail for standing up. Liquid ass and Super Soaker is still on standby in the meantime. Already looking at camera system now since their are more than just one of them. Thank you guys for replying and giving advice. I really just needed to vent too.
  2. Definitely my best option to at least make them pay fines and hurt their wallets. Give the parents something to think about when it comes to handling these little shits. I can get petty in little ways that add up over time.
  3. It just sucks because moving just isn't a option. Only paying 50k for the house and made down payment of 10k. I love this house and have already done a ton of remodeling with my girlfriend. The yard is big enough for the kids and all that jazz. Plus I have a moutain view. I really don't want to leave it behind. But if I catch them doing anything that would physically harm me or my family then they will get the ass whooping they never received from their parents.
  4. I am from now on. Best I've got is them riding the state maintained road on an ATV and dirtbike which is against the law. My front door faces the main road and my side and back door face the private road which police say is very different than the state road because basically there are no laws, no speed limits etc. They said I can get them for riding the state road on video but says it's pretty much pointless and a waste of time in court. Believe me I want to slash every damn tire in that driveway but then I run the risk of them fucking with my vehicle and house while I'm away. I'm gone for 24 hours every 3 days for work. Thanks for the reply. I'm desperate at this point. Besides the teenagers it's otherwise a great place to live out here in the county.
  5. So I live at the top of the road from this huge family and they have a group of teenagers terrorizing the neighborhood. Last night I caught them shooting bottle rockets from a moving vehicle at my house. I got in my vehicle and chased them down until they started shooting them at my vehicle. They continually ride up and down the road all day and night burning tires and speeding waking up my dogs and kids. Nap time is a thing in the past now. A little girl was riding her scooter in the road a couple months ago (this is a small private road with a dead end) and she got scared because these teenagers were coming up on her really fast so she wiped out and broke her jaw plus had to have reconstruction of the face and all that. Cops say they can't do anything until they catch them in the act and visibly see it which is very questionable to me because this is how innocent people go down for crimes... they take matters into their own hands since police will do nothing about it. I have a couple ideas, for one I'm going to pull out the super Soaker and mix water with liquid ass and get them every time they want to disturb the neighborhood. Thought about booby trapping some nails at the edge of my property to flatten the sumbitches tires but I'm risking getting sued if they get hurt. So my question to you guys is how would handle it or what would be your ways of getting sweet revenge without jail time? Talking to the parents is pointless, they've been talked to my numerous neighbors and nothing has been done.
  6. Lots of good stuff here, just message if you want specific colors or variant info. Everything is in excellent condition. Not asking for a ton on any of these but I would like for all or the majority of them to be gone.
  7. Hello all, it's been a while since I've sold and bought on here. Needless to say a lot has changed on the forum it seems but it's still cool to see people on here still collecting and appreciating vinyl this really is a great community. So here's the deal, I have two crates of 7"s I'm selling off and a select few of my LP's I found that might be worthy to someone else. I'm trying to pull in some extra money for an AC unit. My wife and our 3 kids are miserable and the summer hasn't even arrived! If you see anything here please make an offer. If you want them all make an offer and I'll cut you a good price. There is some cool stuff here, hopefully some of these have stood the test of time. I didn't pull out each individual record for variants or colors so just ask if needed and I'll do my best to respond to everyone in a timely manner. All of them have been well kept and some haven't been spun in years. Enjoy.
  8. I have both of these for sale if anyone is interested. Just shoot me a message if so. Both are in excellent condition.
  9. Preferably from A Flight And A Crash and after. Doesn't matter the press or color but let me know what you have. Already got a ton of older releases just looking to restock the more produced releases.
  10. Entire collection posted and available for sale. Everything must go!
  11. Offers only please, the following records listed are not set prices! Thanks guys! Also... I am low on mailers so please give me approximately 4-5 days to get in mailers. I assure you they will get out ASAP, whether you want to send payment immediately over is up to you but please allow me to ship them properly. I can ship in a big box which will take only a day if you buy multiple records but 1-4 records will have to go in LP mailers. RARE AFI- All Hallows orange vinyl *PENDING* Calculator- These Roots... record release #49/52 black vinyl Grade- Under The Radar blue vinyl Jawbreaker- Bivouac Jets To Brazil- Perfecting Loneliness 2XLP orange vinyl Knapsack- This Conversation Is Ending Starting Right Now black vinyl *PENDING* Minks- By The Hedge #6/100 white vinyl Lifetime- S/T original Decaydance red vinyl /200 No Knife- Riot For Romance black vinyl No Knife- Hit Man Dreams black vinyl Sharks Keep Moving- s/t clear vinyl Small Brown Bike- Dead Reckoning pink/yellow split vinyl first press You Blew It!- Grow Up Dude green vinyl first press TAPES Dads- American Radass peach shell first press Jawbreaker- 24 Hour Revenge Therapy clear shell Jawbreaker- Dear You clear shell Jimmy Eat World- Bleed American clear shell You Blew It!/Dikembe split blue shell #46/100 Fest press Here's my entire collection. Please buy as many as you want. AFI- Sing The Sorrow red vinyl Amateur Party- Truncheons In The Manor clear vinyl Appleseed Cast- Middle States deep sea blue Archers of Loaf- Icky Mettle blue vinyl Army of Ponch- So Many You Could Never Win cream vinyl Antlers- s/t deer spotted splatter Anchor Arms- Cold Blooded grey vinyl Avail- Front Porch Stories black vinyl Bangers/Break The Habit split vinyl Banner Pilot- Collapser black vinyl with white streaks Black Flag- Damaged black vinyl Braid- Closer To Closed white vinyl Brand New- Devil And God white vinyl Bridge And Tunnel- East/West white vinyl Bridge And Tunnel- Rebuilding Year gold/white split vinyl Blacktop Cadence- Chemistry For Changing Times green vinyl Cadillac Blindside- Read The Book, Seen The Movies black vinyl Casket Lottery- Choose Bronze black vinyl Castevet- Echo And Light w/ LTD screen print cover green vinyl City of Ships- Minor World black vinyl Capital- Givers Takers sky blue vinyl Capital- Homefront gold vinyl Clash, The- s/t black vinyl Chris Wallard and Ship Thieves- Canyons blue vinyl Chuck Ragan- Gold Country black vinyl Death Is Not Glamorous- Spring Forward gold vinyl Death Is Not Glamorous- Soft Clicks yellow vinyl Death Is Not Glamorous- Wide Eyes orange vinyl Deftones- s/t smoke vinyl Dikembe- Broad Shoulders orange vinyl Don Caballero- 2 black vinyl Down In The Dumps- Dumps Luck grey vinyl Euclid- The Wind Blew All The Fire Out black vinyl Explosions In The Sky- Take Care black vinyl Explosions In The Sky- Those Who Tell The Truth black vinyl Fugazi- End Hits black vinyl Fugazi- 7 Songs black vinyl Fugazi- Repeater black vinyl Fugazi- Instrument black Vinyl Fugazi- Steady Diet of Nothing black vinyl HWM- Fuel blood red vinyl HWM- Forver black vinyl HWM- No Division black vinyl HWM- Finding black vinyl HWM- Caution burnt clear vinyl HWM- A Flight red/green split vinyl HWM- Exister blue/brown HWM- New What Next forest green HWM/Leatherface split grey vinyl (black copy too) Funeral Diner/Nexus split black vinyl Glass and Ashes- Aesthetic Arrest blue vinyl Go Rydell- The Golden Age green vinyl Grade- Headfirst Straight To Hell pic disc Japanther- Skuffed Up My Huffy green vinyl Jawbreaker- ETC black vinyl Jawbreaker- Dear You black vinyl Joyce Manor- s/t black vinyl Kill Your Idols- s/t black vinyl Into It Over It- 12 Towns gold vinyl Latterman- We Are Still Alive grey mix Latterman- No Matter Where We Go grey vinyl Lawrence Arms- Apathy and Exhaustion black vinyl Lazycain- July To October blue vinyl Leatherface- Mush grey vinyl bootleg Leatherface- The Stormy Petrel red vinyl 2XLP Lifetime- Hello Bastards mint vinyl Menzingers- On The Impossible Past black vinyl Minor Threat- s/t black vinyl yellow cover Modern Life Is War- Midnight In America blue vinyl Mock Orange- Disguised As Ghosts green vinyl Mock Orange- The Record Play black vinyl Mock Orange- Nines And Sixes RE green and red vinyl Monument- Goes Canoeing blue vinyl My Heart To Joy- Seasons In Verse black vinyl No Knife/Nine Days Wonder split black vinyl O Pioneers- Black Mamba grey vinyl Pegboy- Earwig black vinyl Permanent- Sink/Swim 4 variants... purple, teal, coke clear, purple w/ LTD tour cover vinyl Paint It Black- New Lexicon black vinyl Pianos Become The Teeth- Old Pride clear vinyl Pygmy Lush- Mount Hope black vinyl Pygmy Lush- Bitter River black vinyl Resonance- Transfuse green vinyl Rocky Votolato- s/t mint green vinyl Rival- Schools- Pedals black vinyl RVIVR- s/t black vinyl Salvo Rain- s/t black vinyl Samiam- Trips white/black splatter Sharks Keep Moving- Desert Strings And Drifters garfield splatter Six Going On Seven- Heartbreaks Got Backbeat white vinyl Sister Kisser- Vipers red vinyl Six Going On Seven- Self Made Mess black vinyl Six Going On Seven- American't or Won't orange vinyl Shoredbirds- It's Gonna Get Ugly black vinyl Small Brown Bike- Fell and Found gold vinyl Small Brown Bike- Our Own Wars pink vinyl Small Brown Bike- The River Bed pink vinyl Smashing Pumpkins- Siames Dream 2XLP black vinyl Smoke or Fire- Speakeasy black vinyl Soul Control- Cycles blue State Lines- Hoffman Manor black vinyl State Lines- For The Boats white vinyl Static Radio- We Are All Beasts brown mix oddball LTD Stop It!!- Self Made Maps white vinyl Suis La Lune- Riala pink/black split vinyl Sum 41- All Killer No Filler white vinyl The Riot Before- Rebellion orange white haze vinyl Title Fight- Floral Green floral colored vinyl Trapped Door Fucking Exit- Crooked Life Straight World blue vinyl Trapped Door Fucking Exit- 3Be Not Content grey vinyl True North- We Speak In Code black vinyl Twelve Hour Turn- Victory of Flight blue vinyl Verse- Agression red vinyl Verse- Bitter Clarity Uncommon Grace clear with pink vinyl Vivian Girls- s/t black vinyl Weak Teeth- What A Plague You Are blue smoke vinyl Witch Hunt- Burning Bridges To Nowhere black vinyl With Hunt- Blood Red States red vinyl Worn In Red- In The Offing red/gold split vinyl You'll Live- Above The Weather frosty vinyl Young Livers- New Drop Era white vinyl FIRST CRATE OF 7"S Agent- Awake In Their World orange vinyl Agent/Polygon split black vinyl AFI- Girls Not Grey red vinyl AFI- Leaving Song pt II green vinyl City of Ships- 3 Mile Bridge black vinyl Cloud Mouth- Cougar Den black vinyl Crime In Stereo- Love blue vinyl CSTVT- s/t clear Dikembe/Pet Symmetry cream vinyl Elliot- Calvary Song black vinyl Fellow Project/Thousandaires rusted pink vinyl Field Day- Christian Televison clear vinyl Fire Team Charlie- s/t black vinyl Forming- s/t black vinyl Four Star Alarm- s/t black vinyl Grade- s/t? black vinyl His Hero Is Gone- The Dead of Night purple vinyl Holy Mountain- Wrath grey vinyl Ink And Dagger- Love Is Dead clear vinyl Ink And Dagger- Drive This Seven Inch black vinyl Inside- s/t black vinyl Jawbox- Tongue black vinyl Latterman- Our Better Halves black vinyl Laura Stevenson And The Cans- Holy Ghost deep sea blue Lifetime- Two Songs blue vinyl Little Big League- Tokyo Drift black vinyl Mock Orange/The Borgo Pass split orange vinyl Mountain Asleep- Sleep Medicine black vinyl Mouthbreather- s/t green vinyl My Heart To Joy- Reasons To Be blue vinyl My Heart To Joy- Virgin Sails black vinyl Nerve Agents/Kill Your Idols split green vinyl New Bruises- Goodbye Middle Class yellow vinyl No Knife- Jackboots black vinyl No Knife/Tannner split black vinyl No Knife- Lazycain split red vinyl No Knife/Sunshine split black vinyl Only Thunder- EDC purple vinyl Permanent/Resonance split TEST press Permanent/Resonance split blue vinyl Permanent- Sleeping demo yellow vinyl PS Eliot- Living In Squlaor black vinyl Pygmy Lush- Cold World clear vinyl Restorations- A/B green vinyl Silent Majority- This Island Earth black vinyl Silent Majority- Distant Second black vinyl Sister Kisser/Candy Hearts split yellow vinyl Sleeper Horse/Echoes of Harpers Ferry split black vinyl State Lines- s/t white vinyl Stolen Bikes Ride Faster/New Bruises green vinyl Thousandaires- Land Seal Demo black vinyl You Blew It!/Fake Problems split pink vinyl You Blew It!/Dikembe/KittyHawk/Have Mercy 4 way split christmas green red split SECOND CRATE OF 7"s 1994!- Sour Thanks Man purple vinyl Algernon Cadwallader- Fun green vinyl American Steel- Every New Morning black vinyl Army of Ponch- v.s The Curse black vinyl Aspiga- Now I'm Not Feeling black vinyl Bitchin'- s/t black vinyl Bridge And Tunnel- Location salmon mix vinyl Bridge And Tunnel- Homecoming yellow vinyl Bridge And Tunnel- Live At Fest vomit mix Bridge And Tunnel- Loss Leaders red vinyl Bridge And Tunnel/Young Livers split grey vinyl Capital- Blind Faith pink vinyl Chalk Talk/Sirs split black vinyl Death Is Not Glamorous- Undercurrents black vinyl End of A Year/315 split black vinyl Engine Down- s/t black vinyl Get Bent- Demo purple mix Get Bent- Dead It black vinyl Get Bent/Jean Claude split black vinyl Grey AM/Mid Carson July split black vinyl HWM- Moonpies pink screen print cover black vinyl HWM- Moments pink screen print cover black vinyl HWM- Alachua grey vinyl HWM/Six Going On Seven split green vinyl HWM- You Can Take The Boy gatefold black vinyl Iron Chic- Shitty Rambo gret vinyl first press Killingtons, The- 3 EP black vinyl Mid Carson July- Turn The Radio Down black vinyl Midnight Oil- Dreamworld Modern Life Is War- s/t white vinyl New Bruises/O Pioneers split blue vinyl Paint It Black- Amnesia shit brown Paint It Black- Invisible white vinyl Paint It Black- Surrender black vinyl Panthro UK United 13- Goleta green vinyl Planes Mistaken For Stars- Spearheading The Sin Movement milky clear vinyl #108/123 Planes Mistaken For Stars- Fucking Fight black vinyl Potboiler- Izzy Alcantara purple vinyl Shorebirds- s/t red cover purple vinyl Sirs/Run Walk split blue vinyl Small Brown Bike- No Place Like You black vinyl Small Brown Bike- s/t black vinyl fold out cover Small Brown Bike- Composite grey vinyl Small Brown Bike- Composite 2 purple vinyl Static Radio- One For The Good Guys blue vinyl Strike Anywhere- s/t green splatter Sundials- s/t black vinyl Superchunk- This Summer #1159/1300 HN CD's (if you're into that...) Agent- Demo w/ insert Bridge And Tunnel- Demo w/ insert My Heart To Joy- Demo Days Tradition- No Home Demo