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  1. I really liked this movie too. Not your average Hollywood bullshit. Thanks for the tip, I'll check some of these other ones out.
  2. What Built to Spill album should I buy next? I have "Keep it Like a Secret" and love it.
  3. I got my shipping info today too (name starts with a D). Can't wait to get it, the flag looks cool. #22 is an awesome package though, it's gonna be a good Christmas.
  4. The Chorus 705V is also on sale for $349 (more in my range). I'm trying to decide if I should go with the Focal or get a pair of Wharfdale 10.1's for $280. Any opinions on either one? It's hard to tell which would sound better from the specs but I'm leaning toward Focal.
  5. You're probably right. Neither of those things describe me so I'm probably better off just saving for a while. My problem is whenever I get some extra money I usually spend it on vinyl. Thanks to both of you for the feedback.
  6. I was thinking of buying an old pair of speakers from Craigslist and put new drivers and crossovers in as an experiment. But it seems like if I'm going to spend the money I might as well put it towards some better components and try and build a nice set.
  7. That makes sense, that's why I'm asking for feedback. That's also why I didn't want to try and build my own cabinet or build the crossovers, I'll leave that to the engineers. I'm not sure if any place would let me do layaway on a $500 pair of speakers. If I could buy woofers one month, tweeters the next, then crossovers and cabinets I could space it out. I've found a few websites with plans and parts, would it sound terrible if I got parts from Parts Express or Madisound? I'm not a total idiot, I can follow directions and I'm hoping with some help I could build a decent pair of speakers.
  8. Well, assuming I can buy the same components in a commercially available speaker, I wouldn't have to pay for the name/logo and I wouldn't have to pay someone to assemble it. Also from everything I've been reading I can get better parts for the same money. I'm not looking to spend thousands of dollars on a commercial set of speakers so on my budget I can get better drivers & crossovers than the ones in speakers in my price range.
  9. I'm looking to upgrade my speakers and am thinking of building my own. I wanted to see if anyone had any experience and/or opinions about a project like this. I see a few upsides to this: 1) I can spread out the cost - instead of plunking down $500 - $700 all at once I can buy components slowly and then assemble them once I have everything. 2) Seems like I could build a better speaker than I could buy for the same money. 3) It would be fun and satisfying to have a set of speakers that I built myself (assembled is probably more accurate). I'm trying to decide if I should buy a new cabinet or get an old pair of speakers and replace all the components. This is my first project like this and I don't have a woodworking shop so I'm gonna skip the step where I try to build a cabinet and screw it up. Any thoughts or feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.
  10. The thread's been great today, needed that. Julie Andrews, Limp Percy, and a serious note on the way out. Gold
  11. BIG 10 championship should be a great game today. Go Blue!
  12. I picked up some Grado headphones and a Built to Spill LP today, they both sound great right now.
  13. Cage the Elephant - Melophobia Gorillaz - s/t Arctic Monkeys - AM
  14. I'm at QOTSA right now! Love the show poster but I don't feel like shelling out $25 and then try to get it home without fucking it up.
  15. Yeah that was ridiculous, glad hd didn't do anything too stupid.
  16. Just watched Rum Diary. Love HST do I enjoyed it. It's a good one to watch drunk too.
  17. That’s hilarious. I don’t quite get the connection between a stand up desk and eating cereal but it’s fucking brilliant!
  18. Congrats Ry! Glad things are going well.