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    bossdj26 got a reaction from smailtronic in New York City record shops   
    Also, definitely Rough Trade. Try to catch a show there too if you can. A little pricey but it's dope AF and huge. Need to check out even if you're not buying anything. 
    If you have a friend in Jersey, I also recommend Princeton Record Exchange. The town is cool enough to warrant spending an afternoon. Only if you have the time though. Vintage is a better version of Looney Tunes out on Long Island if that provides any context. It's awesome but Princeton is a better excuse to travel if you're just in town for a bit.
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    bossdj26 reacted to lethalenforcer in The Weezer Thread   
    They finally returned to their Pinkerton sound. LOVE ITTTTT
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    bossdj26 reacted to tape in PO: CHVRCHES - Love Is Dead (May 25th)   
    .... uhhhhhhhhhhh the Martin songs are great
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    bossdj26 got a reaction from Adam10647 in All-encompassing NINE INCH NAILS Thread: Reissues, New Stuff, Soundtracks, Kitchen Sink   
    Solid set and great energy from both the band and crowd. That deviations order was worth it for the show alone. 
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    bossdj26 reacted to wuhanclan in Arcade Fire- Everything Now   
    isnt it ironic that it costs so much for Canadians to purchase an album by a band from Canada?
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    bossdj26 got a reaction from docbronze in The STRANGER THINGS (Netflix) Thread   
    Black is already 22.50 w/ prime on Amazon. 
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    bossdj26 got a reaction from docbronze in The STRANGER THINGS (Netflix) Thread   
    I'll wait until whatever color is $9.99 on Prime three months from now. People haven't figured out how this works yet? Sheesh.
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    bossdj26 reacted to zerohacker in The Autograph Thread   
    I have a few signed albums, but this is my most prized. I was literally crying when he signed this for me. 
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    bossdj26 reacted to GOTCHA in Record Stores in Manhattan   
    Human Head in Brooklyn is one of the best stores in NYC.  Take the L to Montrose, it's just a few blocks walk from there.
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    bossdj26 reacted to Snaggle Von Swift in PO NOW!! MENZINGERS - AFTER THE PARTY.   
    The Philly show works out nicely. Restorations has a headlining Red Bull Select show right down the street from the Bayside/Menzingers show.. so I plan on seeing the Menzingers and then heading over to Restorations. Solid night of tunes.
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    bossdj26 reacted to dantheriver in AMAZON U.S. Vinyl Deals & More Thread   
    Both of those prices can fuck right off.
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    bossdj26 got a reaction from vinyl addict in PO SOON : Dillinger Escape Plan - Dissociation   
    haha there's no way that rough trade show is going to end well
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    bossdj26 reacted to AdamBGraham in PO: Firefly TV Soundtrack   
    Oh, my order is already in, believe me. Wasted no time.
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    bossdj26 reacted to docbronze in The Mondo Records Thread - You think limited? Will sell fast?   
    Haha. Yeah right. A band naming themselves after some TV show? That'll be the day.
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    bossdj26 reacted to unknown pleasures in The Mondo Records Thread - You think limited? Will sell fast?   
    That's because it doesn't start until next year. On Showtime or something. 
    I think they named it after the band. 
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    bossdj26 reacted to jhulud in Burger Records Thread   
    Immense gratitude to @sogross for the hook-up with the Death Valley Girls LP....stopped in at the Burger store and snagged me a copy! Thanks a ton!

    And this thing does glow in the dark! Pic was a bit grainy but to be expected w/o flash and in the dark...and the glow is not THAT bright...

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    bossdj26 reacted to Rottengoth in PO SOON : Dillinger Escape Plan - Dissociation   
    I'm working the show in San Francisco and the venue is small as hell. Everyone's going to die.
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    bossdj26 reacted to afireinside7444 in SUBLIME Box Set - Soonish? TBA   
    Anyone order this yet? The wife is trippin out she wants it so bad but wont see reason. Paying $200 extra for a box, litio and a slipmat is annoying.
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    bossdj26 reacted to freezeflash in SUBLIME Box Set - Soonish? TBA   
    I bit the bullet and ordered. I actually got a shipping confirmation email yesterday, but it seems they just printed the label and haven't shipped it out yet. I'm a sucker for boxset packaging, but yeah I totally get where you're coming from. I will most likely never purchase something as expensive like that again for just a couple of extra features.
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    bossdj26 reacted to Barberbro in SUBLIME Box Set - Soonish? TBA   
    Got my CC music copies in. Wow! That's was fast! I must say that these lenticular covers are pretty neat. Now to take a listen and see if these sound good....
    Haven't been able to crank them because the kids are asleep, but they found good. Thick records and great packaging. 
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    bossdj26 got a reaction from rogeoa8 in At The Drive-In - Relationship of Command Repress   
    I'm not buying the whole "Cedric's sick" thing. I'd be more inclined to believe "Cedric had a tantrum and didn't show up" or "Cedric's too jacked up to perform."
    Regardless, the Terminal 5 cancellation was a bummer. Hope they plan to come back to NYC sometime in the near future. 
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    bossdj26 got a reaction from TheMightyQuinn in PO: Thrice - To Be Everywhere Is to Be Nowhere   
    They had them at the NYC show last night. 
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    bossdj26 got a reaction from texan4life in Killers Hot Fuss Re Press 10th June 2016   
    Day & Age now please!
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    bossdj26 reacted to boops_popmarket in Lit - A Place In The Sun (June 2nd, 2015)   
    They should have charged you $200 for the Lit LP and then given you $190 store credit.

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