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    Well i obviously share a interest in vinyl, especially punk/pop punk/emo and alternative rock. But i also play alot of pc games,and sing in a garage band.
  1. travis, any word on when the Hot Topic release will be out? i'm trying to decide if i should just preorder or get the HT variant which i'd prefer.
  2. any update on when the blink reissues are coming out? is TOYPAJ still coming out in mid june? what about the other albums?? PS. My girlfriend Kristina says hi
  3. Hey, i am in a garage band right over the bridge from philly (south jersey). and i want to make a 7 inch single/ maybe a split. But with the backlog of bands in record pressing plants, the wait time seems enormous to get anything pressed. so what i am wondering, is their any label/hobbyist out in the nj/pa area willing to take on doing a small run of this single? and if so, how much would you charging? Any info is much appreciated- Max
  4. Hey Travis, any idea if From Under The Cork Tree by Fall Out Boy or Vessel by Twenty One Pilots will be repressed? Both i'd love to own, but i can't afford those resale prices
  5. might get the preorder AND the hot topic variant