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  1. Can you tell more about the protocol? Getting black versions because they sound better (and are cheaper)? I've been thinking something like that, but always end up ordering the most limited colored option 😐
  2. Thanks so much for the info! Trna is a new band for me, but been listening them all week. Ordered the re-press and decided destroy my bank account and got "Lose Yourself to Find Peace" also. Here in Finland it's the darkest time of the year and this is the perfect music for it.
  3. SORRY for bumping this old topic. I got the Metallic Silver version of this, and its sounds reeeeaaally weird. Very muddy and i can barely hear the vocals. Anyone have same problem or is it just how it's supposed to be? I listened to this album on Tidal and it sounded way better on my system than this vinyl... I had the first press back in the day and i remember it was one of the best sounding records in my collection. This is totally different :(.
  4. Setlist is correct, unfortunately no Ghost Trail. But The Fall was a perfect ending :O. Bad quality picture of the tour edition vinyl: They also had couple copies of Salvation (black version, Earache 2nd press... i think).
  5. Dammit Metal Blade, how many more variants can you make :D. Would love to hear Dark City Dead Man live tonight. Edit: crap, they had a deep sea green tour edition vinyl (limited to 300) here at the gig.
  6. New color variant has suddenly appeared if someone is interested. Orange/red marbled, limited to 300: https://eu.kingsroadmerch.com/metal-blade/view/?id=16175&artist=960 Seeing the band live tomorrow :).
  7. Some idiot is trying to sell the splatter for 200e at Discogs already. I hate people. But yeah, the album is unreal! Not a single weak moment.
  8. What?? Did the EU colored variants sold out already? Cant be? They are now all gone from the store. That was faaast... I would think that the artbook will be sold out too before official release date. Edit: EMP store has some variants left: https://www.emp.co.uk/search?q=A+dawn+to+fear
  9. Yeah, EU store pre order now up. Got the artbook, splatter and 180g black. Cult Of Luna is the only band that i am willing to spent this kind of stupid amounts of money. Album will be massive. 79 minutes and even heavier than Vertikal and Mariner! Nice!
  10. Thanks! Seems to be about 12 different color variants? Some of them look really beautiful. Can't wait to order.
  11. Hope its ok to make new topic for this nice suprise: https://neurotrecordings.merchtable.com/mobile/products/artists/neurosis/neurosis-and-jarboe-neurosis-and-jarboe-reissue-cd-2xlp-digi Pressing info: Silver metallic and black - U.S. & E.U Red opaque and black - Neurot mailorder exclusive Red transparent and gold metallic opaque - Deathwish Inc mailorder exclusive Black - Neurosis tour exclusive Shipping august 2, 2019. When someone sees this avalaible at some European store, please share a link!
  12. Sorry, no pre order yet! But someone might be interested for this: Indie Recordings EU store is giving some Cult Of Luna records for almost free: https://shop.indierecordings.no/search?q=cult of luna Couple of sick deals: Mariner 2LP + Mariner Live (Colored) 2LP bundle 23.99 € Live at Paris 3LP 9.99 € or 12.99 € if you want the DVD also Those are great sounding live albums and i really enjoy Mariner too. Edit: Shipping costs are quite expensive, but they always are...
  13. Yes... been waiting for so many years. It has to happen some day.
  14. What do you guys think, will Isis`s "Oceanic" and "Panopticon" get a repress in the future? I think 2014 was last time they were released. I can`t even get the standard 2014 black vinyl anywhere anymore in reasonable price. People are asking crazy amounts of money for them.
  15. Now in EU store, black vinyl and orange vinyl: https://southernlordeurope.com/?s=pelican Would like to get Red, but have to go with that orange.