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  1. White Ward - Love Exchange Failure repress: https://www.debemur-morti.com/en/white-ward/2477-white-ward-love-exchange-failure-teal-blue-vinyl-0652733550279.html This time pressed at Gotta Groove Records (US) and not at GZ media like previous version. Would be interesting to hear if there are any improvements.
  2. Thanks for this! Been listening this many days for now. Incredible, never heard anything like this. Deathwish has the vinyl for EU peope. Must buy.
  3. And for EU people: https://shop.season-of-mist.com/holy-fawn-death-spells-double-lp-gatefold-coloured Not a bad price for a douple LP. Edit: SoM also have a black pressing for pre-order!
  4. Haha dont count me on this... Just the overall dark feeling and harshness made me think of early Isis. Great record. You would think that 80 minutes is too much, but in this case it's not. Final Light (project by Johannes Persson from COL and Perturbator) was released yesterday. Maybe not entirely post-metal, but very atmospheric. Can't wait to explore it more. I need to take the time and check out Bruit....
  5. I think Hundred Year Old Man just released one of the best post-metal albums in years "Sleep In Light". Dark, beautiful and crushing 80min journey. FFO: Cult Of Luna, Oceanic-era Isis. Colored vinyl at Consouling store or Bandcamp. For me this came out of nowhere. I think I had never heard of this band before.
  6. Neurosis - Given to the Rising repress coming this month. Hopefully other albums will follow up soon... Neurot store should have it soon, but here is one EU link; https://www.hhv.de/shop/en/item/neurosis-given-to-the-rising-colored-vinyl-edition-924018
  7. Perturbator + Johannes Persson (Cult Of Luna) collaboration "Final Light" pre-order is up. Some limited to 300 versions still available: https://red-crk.com/collections/vinyl Massive first single here:
  8. Album pre-order now up: https://www.nuclearblast.com/eu/catalogsearch/result/?q=the+halo+effect Really enjoyed the singles they have released. Classic gothenburg melodeath!
  9. Bell Witch - Mirror Reaper white vinyl up at Evilgreed and Profound Lore EU store.
  10. I'm excited how many devastatingly crushing moments this album has. I did not expect it to be so heavy! I struggled to fully enjoy A Dawn to Fear's slower songs, but this album flows perfectly and there is not a weak moment . Blood Upon A Stone could be the best song in years. When it ended and Beyond II started playing, it was one of the most perfect moments I have experienced in music. Sure Blood Upon A Stone would also have been a perfect way to end the album, but Beyond II kinda helps you to digest how incredible the ending of the album was. I can't believe they pulled out album like this so soon after the two previous releases.
  11. Well this is genious.. release a new album and million different vinyl variants. Then under a year later release a new way better sounding mix of the album. Huge fan of Amenra and the new mix, but don't like how this was done...
  12. New song "Into the Night" Please let me know if you see the UK beige/grey variant somewhere :). Red Creek has the band exclusive variants for sale again.
  13. I asked this on Facebook . The plant tried to correct the first blue/orange/galaxy pressing and pressed 500 of these foggy oranges. Label and band did not accept them for a replacement copy so they did a third try and then got that foggy blue. So there should be 500 of the first press, 500 of foggy oranges and 500(?) of foggy blue.
  14. There is now another pressing with the blue cover art, "foggy orange". It's basically another mispress but I think it looks really nice. https://red-crk.com/collections/vinyl/products/cult-of-luna-the-raging-river-lp-gtfold-foggy-orange https://evilgreed.net/products/cult-of-luna-the-raging-river-lp This EP has grown on me a lot. I'm really enjoying it now that I have started listening it again after a few months of break. When it was released it felt a bit boring and uninspired, but now I enjoy every song. Weird! Maybe it was just too early to start digesting it right after ADTF.
  15. If you missed the beautiful Red Creek variants, I think they just added rest of them in their store. About 200 left of both at the moment.

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