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  1. New song "Into the Night" Please let me know if you see the UK beige/grey variant somewhere :). Red Creek has the band exclusive variants for sale again.
  2. I asked this on Facebook . The plant tried to correct the first blue/orange/galaxy pressing and pressed 500 of these foggy oranges. Label and band did not accept them for a replacement copy so they did a third try and then got that foggy blue. So there should be 500 of the first press, 500 of foggy oranges and 500(?) of foggy blue.
  3. There is now another pressing with the blue cover art, "foggy orange". It's basically another mispress but I think it looks really nice. https://red-crk.com/collections/vinyl/products/cult-of-luna-the-raging-river-lp-gtfold-foggy-orange https://evilgreed.net/products/cult-of-luna-the-raging-river-lp This EP has grown on me a lot. I'm really enjoying it now that I have started listening it again after a few months of break. When it was released it felt a bit boring and uninspired, but now I enjoy every song. Weird! Maybe it was just too early to start digesting it right after ADTF.
  4. If you missed the beautiful Red Creek variants, I think they just added rest of them in their store. About 200 left of both at the moment.
  5. Not sure if you saw this already, but Revolver has the opaque white for a ridiculous price: https://shop.revolvermag.com/collections/vinyl/products/cult-of-luna-long-road-north-opaque-white-2lp
  6. This variant looks good with the artwork imo. I'm trying not to order this but I think I have to... :D.
  7. Opaque Light Blue Marbled and Transparent blue versions now at Red Creek store. Seems that they are the only Red Creek exclusives? They are beautiful! https://red-crk.com/collections/vinyl Edit: About 200 left of both, so probably limited to 300.
  8. Haha this wait is killing me. Metal blade seems to like those "marbled" variants, Dawn to Fear also had lots of them. Seems that the blue would look great with the artwork. Grey and white also nice and simple looking.
  9. Cult Of Luna continues to stay productive. I would have never thought that we would see new album again in 2022. Release date is February 11th and pre-orders go live December 1st. New song arrives on tuesday: Johannes Persson posted on Instagram that album will have "interesting guests": https://www.instagram.com/p/CV2quVjoldS/ 1. Cold Burn 2. The Silver Arc 3. Beyond I 4. An Offering to the Wind 5. Into the Night 6. Full Moon 7. The Long Road North 8. Blood upon Stone 9. Beyond II I think we will have about 90-100 different vinyl variants again. Edit: Some small new info here: https://metalshockfinland.com/tag/cult-of-luna/ "As soon as listeners hit play, they are in familiar yet refreshingly new CULT OF LUNA territory, the pulsating rhythms pummeling, and Persson’s savage roar tearing through the layers of guitar. As is the case with every album from the band in recent years, there is a lot of shifting of dynamics and sonic density, and perhaps more so than usual on The Long Road North. “It’s a big sounding album, almost cinematic,” the band states."
  10. If 24,99€ is the price for a 12" with one 4 minute song + remix, I'm scared how much the full album will cost :D. But very excited of this band, my childhood heroes together again! Will get the album for sure.
  11. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Red Creek only did this EP and new album is being released by Metal Blade (like the previous album)? Anyhow... Can't wait for all the 100 different variants again :).
  12. I remember seeing news that the vinyl was delayed to October. But there are copies now starting to appear on Discogs. Anyone know which versions are delayed? Enjoying the album so far. It really has some of the same feeling that Colors 1 had. Nice to see them going back to more metallic sound.
  13. Anssi Kippo mastered those Svart releases. He is a cool dude, loves analog sound and hates everything digital . He has hosted lectures here in Finland how analog sound is superior to digital. I bet he did a great job with the mastering! I think Mika mastered Isis "Panopticon" and "Oceanic" remasters and he made them a bit too clean and honestly a bit boring. But every release is different and those Nesi COB masters could be great.
  14. I can confim that TNO pressing sounds absolutely amazing. I have the 2nd pressing clear variant, got it at used records store here in Finland for a good price. It really has all the brutality and soul that was missing in the remaster. Edit: I would say that the TNO pressing pulls you in and you don't want to stop listening. While the 2014 remaster feels like background elevator music. I also had the Shades Of The Swarm box (sold it...). Did not quite like Oceanic in that box. Felt a bit compressed and almost like it was sourced from digital files. But I'm no expert, some other might feel that it sounds perfect.
  15. Daaamn... I actually just sold my 2014 remasters because I tought these would sound different. Haha... Feel a bit stupid now :D.

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