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  1. Yeah, I had to setup an account and it was taken from my cart by the time I hit pay.
  2. Got my VIP order from Joyful Noise yesterday. As others have said, it's a really well constructed package and the lemon/cotton candy swirl looks great. I only gave it one run through, but the pressing sounds aces -- I think Richard's voice comes through more than on the digital files (where it felt a little buried in the mix), but that could just be my setup. Personal favorites off the record so far are Management of Savagery (which gives me an Animal vibe, from the ambiance and the presumed focus on cults) and Pornographic Teens. Moonwrapped is also incredible -- probably the most personal song he's ever written, and it feels like a beautiful dovetail into another chapter (and maybe the next record).
  3. Nevermind, signed up for VIP so I could get my order in and see the details. Here they are: VIP Limited Edition 2xLP + Digital: $ 28.00Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies on lemon & pink swirl vinyl. The double LP features deluxe gatefold artwork, and includes a bonus yellow flexi-disc of an exclusive album outtake. 2xLP Colored Vinyl + Digital: $ 25.00Limited to 1500 copies on lemon and pink vinyl. Includes bonus yellow flexi-disc featuring exclusive outtake. 2xLP Black Vinyl + Digital: $ 20.00
  4. Is the lathe or whatever a VIP exclusive? or is that just referring to the time exclusive pre-order on that limited edition color? There are 1500 of the colored copies, if the sticker on Richard's fb is to be believed, so that part should still be around come Wednesday.
  5. Well there you go. Sorry, I thought this was already out in the US -- explains the radio silence here.
  6. Anyone get their order from PopMarket yet? Still waiting on mine and it isn't showing as shipped.
  7. Yup, 99% has always had that effect overlayed. I haven't listened to it on vinyl yet, but I'd assume that's what you're catching. One other flag related to these vinyl, apparently LOTGA is missing "Omissions of the Omen", which was a hidden track on the album and one of the best songs. Matt didn't know it was left off and is pretty pissed about it. Not sure if they're going to correct that in the future, but it might be a difference maker to some people on here.
  8. Yeah, what the hell is going on with the Amazon.uk orders? I totally forgot about this and looked at the status today -- and it's not available on the site anymore, but they haven't cancelled my order. Did any ship?
  9. For those who have gotten shipping notifications, are you VIPs? Just wondering if they're shipping those out first...
  10. These are hilarious. Nice of Richard to take what would normally be a pretty mind numbing task and put some thought into each one.
  11. Anyone know if he's selling the blue version on the new tour? Might actually influence my decision to go to the DC show.
  12. Since these are still happening, I'll put in another request for Songs from the Laundry Room. Please let me know if you're able to pick up an extra copy.
  13. Awesome. Almost forgot about this until I saw the DC date. Look forward to picking up a copy from you on Sunday.