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  1. Hey guys looking to buy variants of the dep/MB split. Looking for white, clear, and peach. Hit me up. Will trade for or buy
  2. Hey, kind of a long shot I know, but if anyone is going to the MB record release show would you be able to pick me up the record release exclusive vinyl? I'll pay you handsomely for your troubles
  3. Looking for the two first press variants of moving home as well as the second press variant out of 100. Let me know what y'all can do.
  4. Kind of a long shot but I'm looking for basement's 7 inch SATW, any pressing will do. Been on the hunt for this guy for awhile, hoping to finally track it down on here. Let me know, thanks.
  5. I literally live like 10 minutes away from a store that will be getting copies. If I'm able to get more than one, I'll let you all know.
  6. Hey I'm looking for really any variant of Shed to add to my collection. PM me if you're selling. Also if you are selling a TF hoodie in size large let me know I'll probably buy that too lol. Thanks.
  7. Hey is anybody selling Title Fight's TLTYF 7"? Let me know! And if you have a TF deer hoodie is size large I'll also take that off your hands. Thanks. Let me know, and DM me.
  8. I'm not sure if any of you have heard of this band since their pretty small, but it's worth a shot :] I'm looking for any color of any press of ETDYH. PM me if you can help me out
  9. Yeah, I noticed, and no, I was doing this on my phone and instead of hitting backspace I hit post and wasn't sure how to delete it..
  10. Does anybody have this 7" that they would be willing to sell to me for a reasonable price? Any color or pressing is fine.
  11. Does anybody have this 7" that they would be willing to sell to me for a reas
  12. I am looking for a blue color variant of TWY's Suburbia, the main reason is because I have the Upsides on white, and TGG on red. So I wanted blue Suburbia so I can have America's colors, kinda stupid, but it's cool to have American colors for the trilogy haha. Anyway, PM if you want to work a deal. PM even if you have any variant as well, because I am looking for other colors, too.
  13. Just putting this up to see if anyone is interested in my TDWP purple vinyl /900. Apparently it's actually very rare as they only did one pressing of it one was purple /900 and another was mint green /1000 so PM some offers of interested.

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