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  1. I kinda was hoping for some answers based on personal preferences but it's always nice to see that the conmunity hasn't strayed far from snark in lieu of actual conversation.
  2. Has Bandbox put out anything notable? Never heard of them lol
  3. Kinda wanted IWABO for shits and giggles but idk if it's $40 worth it in the meme collection
  4. Sick, picked up turnstile for myself and a friend. And Punk Goes Christmas for shits n giggles. If I find IWABO I may pick that up
  5. Tons more presses Need that spotify one if anyone has a link/code
  6. Missed the splatter. Copped the other two. Even bought a cassette and then remembered I bought one on tour ope
  7. DM me. idk why it took me this long mentally to open and look but let this be a reminder to check your records when you get them
  8. finally got around to opening all three variants only to find that they were all the yellow splatter. i should have opened these earlier this year
  9. Watching Cursive rn cause they are opening for Thursday and I am beyond bored
  10. Dude doesnt realize as a public figure you can't just "give it back" or whatever. Its not like you attacked them. You said an opinion. And they went ballistic.

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