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  1. I don't know. Then again, I've asked myself that about other records too. I never said it was good that it wasn't going to be repressed, just stated the fact. It does seem weird that they decided to make this one so exclusive but then repressed the other ones. Their stuff just sounds so good on vinyl. On a related note, I've always wondered how many of these "actually" exist. I wish there was like a "vinyl census" that counted how many copies of "rare" records still exist around the world and haven't been destroyed or lost or whatnot. It'd just be cool to know...
  2. yeah, the color is beautiful. if it was just a "regular" record that was worth like $7, I swear I would hang it on the wall just because it looks so epic.
  3. the reason it goes for so much is that it never will be repressed.
  4. I know that Jeff and I already have made some threads about everything we have for sale, but I wanted to highlight this record since it's one of the more rare ones we have left to sell. Please make offers through PM. Shipping will be calculated at exact cost (you will pay exactly what it costs to get it from me to you). I accept PayPal only (but I DO take credit/debit cards through PayPal). Thanks for looking! Smashing Pumpkins- Siamese Dream 2xLP [1st pressing on purple swirl vinyl] Mint condition
  5. There is only about an hour and half left on this listing on eBay, so now is your last chance to bid on this copy. RARE Explosions in the Sky- How Strange, Innocence 2xLP
  6. UPDATE: Reserve price met on EITS, so this is for sure your last chance to get this copy from me. Just an FYI in case anyone was banking on the reserve price not being met and then me re-offering it on here.
  7. I know. It's just that it's almost too perfect to actually own or listen to.
  8. I did search forever for it, but it's so epic that I'm afraid to ever actually play it. The way I look at it, I can have a record that I'm afraid to take out of the sleeve or I can have a bunch of money. The only thing I've "done" with it is talk about it, which I can do without actually owning a copy. The couch we are looking at is actually a pretty cheap couch, but after we started selling a few things to work toward that, we realized that we had a lot of other stuff that was just taking up room in our one-bedroom apartment. We have a list of 86 records right now that we will not sell no matter what [unless of course someone would like to pay an exorbitant amount of money for one of them!]. EITS was on that list, but I'd rather hold onto things like my White Stripes full length albums that I actually listen to on vinyl. Although I obviously will not say what the reserve price is on the EITS record, it is based on the highest "bids" I got on here. Because it is something I spent such a long time looking for, I'm looking for a specific minimum amount of money for it, otherwise I feel that it is worth it for me to keep it for now.
  9. Explosions in the Sky- How Strange, Innocence 2xLP Explosions in the Sky- All of a Sudden... yellow and blue vinyl Smashing Pumpkins- Siamese Dream 2xLP (1st pressing on purple swirl) Green Day- Warning 7" (clear gold vinyl) Motion City Soundtrack- Commit this to Memory sticker The Hives sticker Yellowcard sticker Boys Like Girls sticker Umbrellas- Illuminare sticker Something Corporate sticker The F-ups sticker Green Day- Bullet in a Bible sticker Green Day- American Idiot sticker Atreyu- The Curse sticker Sum 41 sticker The Vines- Winning Days sticker Linkin Park Underground sticker Linkin Park- Meteora sticker Mest sticker Yellowcard- Ocean Avenue sticker Matchbook Romance- Voices sticker Thrice- Vheissu sticker Avenged Sevenfold- Waking the Fallen sticker Senses Fail sticker gym class heroes- the papercut chronicles sticker The Offspring sticker Somerset sticker Cute Is What We Aim For sticker Vans sticker Adidas- Campus St shoes, bright blue men's size 8 Mudd brand red platform sandals- women's size 9.5 The White Stripes- Lord, Send Me an Angel 7"
  10. I am entertaining offers on a couple of these, but none of them are officially spoken for. Once I get replies from the PMs I just sent out, I will then update as to which ones are left and consider setting prices for all except "how strange" Thanks for the suggestion!