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  1. Okay hopefully they stop with four variants... I hate having to order from so many different places and Kings road won't combine orders if they release another one. If anyone picks up extra 7" at fest, I'd like to buy one.
  2. Hey thanks for never responding to me about the two records I never received for the 50 dollars I sent you.
  3. Is that twy suburbia just baby blue or half blue half baby?
  4. I was on the fence about selling it then. But looking to sell it now! I still have your message if you still want it lemme know.
  5. Just got some news that I'm going to be in between jobs right now so I'm gonna have to start thinking about selling some stuff. I don't actually keep up with TSSF vinyl and this is the only one I have from them but I'm sure a few people have been looking for this. So send me some offers and let's get this shipped to you!
  6. http://www.discogs.com/Taylor-Swift-1989/release/6228854 Look at the credits for that song, under written by.
  7. They might put these on the store soon... They still had a stack on the last night, but they were sold out the first two. Supposed to be limited to 300.
  8. This is the only song on 1989 that she doesn't have any writing credit on.
  9. Stuck in love has been a recent sad movie for me.
  10. Awwww man, the only non test suburbia I need, you have... But obviously you are trying to complete so you wouldn't want to part with it huh? I have the Anaheim copy if you want to send an offer. Let me know if you'd be willing to deal for the baby blue/blue suburbia, trade list is: https://deadformat.net/collection/alkalinesolo

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