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  1. I don't mean to trash him, and I know I mentioned his drug problem, but the real problem I have with him is his back and forth with Chiodos and kind of leaving all those other musicians hanging just because he had a better opportunity.
  2. haha fair enough. a rookie mistake indeed. still though, he did say "pretty sure". Honestly, I don't care which version it is, although I will be a little sad if it's Grand Coda simply because Teeth the Size of Piano keys won't be on it, I think it's one of my favorite songs on the album. Still excited for these to be re-pressed (i guess Grand Coda wouldn't technically be a repress) regardless. I guess I'm just bitter about them bringing Bolmer into the band and then kicking him out for the sake of getting Craig back. It is what it is, and Brandon is still doing music, so I suppose I can't complain.
  3. I totally see that, it being a business decision more than anything makes total sense to me. I thought the DRUGS album was just okay, but like I said, I loved Illuminaudio. Of course, that's me, and I could see why a lot of people weren't into it, seeing as it was a bit of a departure from true Chiodos style. And I'll agree there as well, Jonny Craig is a pretentious fucking dickhead, but he has the voice of 1000 angels. Damnit. I'm confused...not sure what I said that was funny.
  4. They took it off, presumedly, because of copyright issues (several lines in it are straight out of one of Charles Bukowskis poem, indeed, the album is named after a collection of poems by him) as was the poem recited at the end of The Undertaker's Thirst for Revenge, as it was a poem by Rod McKuen. oh yeah? Aside from this topic and it being on the upcoming releases list on Modern vinyl, there's literally no information about this re-issue, so I don't know how you're pretty sure. Also, just because it's a 2xLP doesn't mean anything, as albums of any length are being pressed on double LPs just because they can to make more money off of us. honestly, fuck Craig. I'm buying these albums for pure nostalgic reasons, but over the years I've really lost respect for the guy. Aside from all the shit he put the band through with his drug abuse, when he left/was kicked out he started D.R.U.G.S, released an album, talked shit about Chiodos, and whenever there was a glimmer of a chance to re join the band, he just fucking dropped the rest of his band mates in D.R.U.G.S (which was the most ridiculous set of musicians) like they were nothing. Brandon Bolmer is a way better vocalist than Craig is anymore, and Illuminaudio is my favorite Chiodos record, even though I look at that record as a different band.
  5. Or is it more acceptable to use Discogs or deadformat? I just ask because for one, I'm still new to this site and I'm trying to build at least a positive reputation, so it would be a good idea to follow the pack so to speak, and also because anyone's profile I've gone to when sending a PM they haven't used the application at all to plug in records. thanks!
  6. I just got this album for my birthday! Is this what I should really be doing with it? Who listens to records anymore anyways. also BillyA...source for that gif in your signature?

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