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  1. Having just picked up my copy of the new David Bowie single (the next day) on square white vinyl.... I think it may be the strangest visual record that I own. I have a few weird picture disks but nothing as bizarre as this.... So I open up the debate to you all....... What is the strangest looking record that you have, pictures are welcomed!
  2. Good idea, I've just added a year and shipping column so that I can keep track better
  3. Excel for me, auto calculate what I've spent, made etc.... I find its useful to have grad totals, it stops me spending ALL of my wages and only some of them!
  4. Have to agree with the above, I try no to be too sentimental over records. Replacement cost is the only real consideration - if I get a hankering to listen to something that I sold I would be gutted
  5. Hoobastank Blur - modern life is rubbish Coldplay - rush of blood to the head Green day - dookie Mars Volta - deloused Bush - razorblade suitcase The list goes on but I aware that I'm sounding incredibly British right now!
  6. Expedit 2x2 bought from ikea at the weekend for £20 (I think that's about $30ish) total bargain and fits my collection pefectly!
  7. Old 60s beach boys are the flavour of the day today

  8. The UK isn't much different! I'm in my 5th year of music teaching to 11-18 year olds and its a constant fight. Budget cuts means no or outdated equipment (for music technology courses - suicidal!) and short staffing. The public considers teachers as overpaid and lazy - always referring to the 'extensive' holidays when debating the issue! The one thing which I love and the only reason why I still teach is the standing in front of a class and actually teaching! Everyday there is something which makes it worthwhile! On the other plus side, I can now fix anything with a soldering iron!!
  9. So, being fairly new to the collecting game, some advice from you disk veterans please? Who do you follow on twitter, for releases, for info, for fun, for record related goodness? I've only just started tweeting as well and I'm @_vinyl_junkie_
  10. Really great thread, I've found it very useful. I have been experimenting with using PVA glue to clean glue to clean my records and I'm having some great results. You have to water the glue down a tiny amount but when it's dry..... peel it away and the record will be free of all dust and stuff. Can get a bit static so straight into clean paper sleeves. I've saved some absolutely disgraceful messes (including a Pink Floyd dark side first pressing) and swear by it
  11. Would like some old ska......

    1. henster311


      desmond dekker

    2. _vinyl_junkie_


      Oh yes he's been spun today

    3. Emo Revival

      Emo Revival

      Not old ska, but I put out a ska band's record recently. You should probably check it out https://boshkungrecords.storenvy.com/products/1025599-no-such-noise-life-goes-on-ep-12