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  1. 6 Song EP announced. Out Dec. 9th. PERMANENT.RADIANT CD preorders: https://www.crossescult.com/products/crosses-permanentradiant-cd-css
  2. Teaser video: Can't wait to get the full LP in a few years edit: looks like the pink crosses store 10" is sold out now
  3. ††† (Crosses): “There’s beyond a record in the can” https://www.nme.com/news/music/crosses-deftones-chino-moreno-far-shaun-lopez-interview-new-album-live-tour-3196161 More new songs this month.
  4. I've had them on non-stop repeat. Sound is massive and they sound like a natural progression from the S/T. Shaun has stepped up big time on writing and production.
  5. They've been talking about an album for 2 years. Doubtful. But who knows with Chino and his timelines.
  6. I didnt check out yet was debating on the crewneck. I see it now. There's no way its sold out. Had to be a large pressing with Warner.
  7. Shows in-stock for me in the US. That link may be US only. Try this one: https://www.crossescult.com/products/crosses-initiation-protection-10-inch-vinyl-css
  8. Vinyl up for the singles https://crosses-us.myshopify.com/products/crosses-initiation-protection-10-inch-vinyl-css
  9. It's just a bunch of behind the scenes stuff. Shaun Lopez even hinted as much and that the outside fan discussions are not right. We only have Sergio's side of the story. It's all contract/legal stuff. Chino allegedly only said he was out of pocket. There's really nothing to it. All this happened like a year ago and now just surfacing.
  10. I swear, every album cycle Tobias talks about how dark the next album is gonna be, then it never is. Songs aight. Repetitive and expected more. Still down for the album, though. Love that artwork.