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  1. Yea typical Deftones/Warner pricing is a bummer. Songs a banger though. That bass synth is filthy.
  2. Full Length LP Details. ††† (Crosses) - Goodnight, God Bless, I Love U, Delete. / October 13th Pleasure [04:16] Invisible Hand [03:54] Found [03:25] Light as a Feather [03:09] Pulseplagg [02:32] Runner [03:44] Big Youth (feat. El-P) [03:04] End Youth (Reprise) [01:39] Last Rites [03:41] Ghost Ride [04:10] Grace [03:10] Eraser [02:16] Natural Selection [02:47] Girls Float † Boys Cry (feat. Robert Smith) [04:26] Goodnight, God Bless, I Love U, Delete. [03:29]
  3. 6 Song EP announced. Out Dec. 9th. PERMANENT.RADIANT CD preorders: https://www.crossescult.com/products/crosses-permanentradiant-cd-css
  4. Teaser video: Can't wait to get the full LP in a few years edit: looks like the pink crosses store 10" is sold out now
  5. ††† (Crosses): “There’s beyond a record in the can” https://www.nme.com/news/music/crosses-deftones-chino-moreno-far-shaun-lopez-interview-new-album-live-tour-3196161 More new songs this month.
  6. I've had them on non-stop repeat. Sound is massive and they sound like a natural progression from the S/T. Shaun has stepped up big time on writing and production.
  7. They've been talking about an album for 2 years. Doubtful. But who knows with Chino and his timelines.
  8. I didnt check out yet was debating on the crewneck. I see it now. There's no way its sold out. Had to be a large pressing with Warner.
  9. Shows in-stock for me in the US. That link may be US only. Try this one: https://www.crossescult.com/products/crosses-initiation-protection-10-inch-vinyl-css

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