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  1. I think you're thinking of Pladinum. That was Pic Disc. Hoss was on Brown and Beige. Regardless if its anything like NUFAN ...should look really nice
  2. The Lag boxset Hoss was on color...but not a standalone press though. Should be sweet!
  3. Seeing Lag tomorrow in Brooklyn. Anyone know if theres a tour variant?
  4. Got art of drowning today. Looks awesome but came with no insert... Did anyone else’s come with an insert? Its weird because my original press the lyric sheet. Just wanted to see if I got a bum copy or not.
  5. From Metric's newsletter: "Given where we're at, now is not the time for whimsical pursuits and diversions. We have been quite adventurous over the years, exploring genres on stage and off, and all those paths led us to this. I'm just going to come right out and say it. This is our seventh album as a band and its a rock record. My friends who've heard it tell me it's a very Metric-sounding Metric record. That's right. Yes! Remember rock? It's fun. It makes you think. And it comes out September 21. We just released the first single "Dark Saturday" and we're starting to play it live too. We wanted the first song people heard from the new album to be "Dark Saturday" as a sonic heads up that our guitars are back in force." That makes me so stokeddd. I couldn't really get into Pagans
  6. damn i guess the pink was already removed from the site
  7. their early ep's are some of the greatest stuff...even future was solid...this album didn't really do it for me though regardless i'm pretty bummed

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