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  1. Have you guys check checked out this new rapper? Pretty tight flows. https://soundcloud.com/tsozha
  2. The Death Waltz release is the same score of the remake by Rob, but the score to the OG Maniac is different than the remake's and well worth your time. If you haven't seen the 1980 Maniac, treat yourself. It is gritty and perfect.
  3. I did not know that. Aside from Aliens, what else have they had an exclusive on? I always liked the Death Waltz Maniac art/variants better personally.
  4. Or just buy black vinyl until colored pressings go away or cost the same.
  5. Well the credits are part of the film, but it literally is 20 minutes of music. I have checked the score. That said, I agree with you about the pacing of the film though I liked it a bit better. I thought it was an excellent flick, but it is a bit...roomy at times.
  6. Ross sustains himself on a diet consisting solely Charleston Chews. The guy at the 7-11 once saw Ross sign his receipt, "RAUSCE" in purple crayon with a backwards "r" and an upside down "e." Now he charges Ross $500 per candy bar because of inflation due the "trade embargo the US has with Mars." Time to lay off Ross. Fella's gotta eat, you guys.
  7. It's 20 minutes of music. They should've made a 10" to set it apart from the crowd. What's you cats think of the film?
  8. I don't have a lot of Sacred Bones LPs, but I do have both of the previous John Carpenter releases from them and the black version sounded substantially better than the special/deluxe editions in both cases, especially the Remixed LP. In brief: Fret not! $18 is more than fair for this LP and it will probably have the best fidelity as well.
  9. The MOVs aren't perfect, but they are hands down better than the Rhino deluxe reissues with the bonus tracks. Happy to expound if anyone has specific questions.
  10. Yeah they are definitely owned by Mondo now, but still run by the same guy. Cheers. I saw this in a tweet this AM. The reason why I was asking about the music (aside from this being a record enthusiast forum) was because people seemed genuinely pumped for this release, before there were any sound samples available, and I was surprised at the level of interest. I figured the music must really slay. Maybe this is more of a love the movie buy the score type of releases.
  11. I think this is actually a Death Waltz score. All the hints were dropped on their social media.
  12. I appreciate the responses, but I want to know about the score, gents. Y'know the music-y bit that's going on sale Wednesday? What is that like?
  13. Never seen this movie and the only clip I found online was two minutes long and ripped straight from the DVD so lots of movie noise. In brief, any good/what's it like?
  14. Thanks, darkeyelids. I was surprised as well. It's why I'm interested in the pressing quality and sound fidelity.
  15. I'm thinking about picking up the Newbury-exclusive repress of Blue Velvet OST. Does any have this and can speak to its quality?
  16. This sentiment has you floating squarely down the middle of the Main Stream, not struggling against its current.