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  1. Awesome, looks like I didn't miss anything that I looking for. Thanks!
  2. I was able to get the Adrianne Lenker record at 4 PMish ET, but wasn't able to check the site for a while after until now. Anyone grab one after that? I think I only missed the 5 PM drop, but I noticed they weren't super consistent about switching every hour, on the hour.
  3. Hard to tell without a better shot of the description in the upper right corner, but it the special editions came with the custom resealable mylar polybags. I see that one is a /100 and a "butterfly", so it might be this, or maybe they released a tour exclusive special edition that is similar to it.
  4. Originally told myself that I was gonna wait to see if we got US pressings, but ultimately couldn't do that. Needed all but FPU and the pressings for those look really solid, so just pulled the trigger. $32/piece shipped isn't great but it's also not terrible if you view them as separate items being shipped.
  5. 2xLP white vinyl US: https://us.gangofyouths.com/products/angel-in-realtime-2lp-vinyl UK: https://shop.gangofyouths.com/uk/all/angel-in-realtime-standard-white-2lp-vinyl.html 2xLP white w/ signed art card UK: https://shop.gangofyouths.com/uk/all/angel-in-realtime-music-bundle.html JB Hi-Fi Australian exclusive orange vinyl AU: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/vinyl-gang-of-youths-angel-in-realtime-jb-hi-fi-australian-exclusive-orange-vinyl-2lp
  6. Perfect album, imo. ETID are one of very few bands who I truly believe get better with each record, I always like their latest release more than any of the previous ones.
  7. https://newgranada.bigcartel.com/product/the-appleseed-cast-mare-vitalis-lp-import-re-issue 2nd pressing with $5 shipping within the US. Happy to snag one of those green/blue presses for a reasonable price.
  8. Also, hoping they will eventually press some of their back catalog on (colored?) vinyl, would love to add some of it to the collection.
  9. Revisiting IWHFAM,TIWG, realized how much I missed this band, then checked out the video for the new single. I haven't listened to Fair Youth (and I know it wasn't their best received work in a while), but this sounds pretty solid. Probably worth pre-ordering, but have to do the 'boring' blue vs the galaxy for that price difference.
  10. OP was not accurate, the deal was only good for yesterday, not all month
  11. $17 CAD (about $14 USD), which is higher, but the cost of the record was $27 CAD (about $22) on Dine Alone. So all told, you spend $5 less on the record and $8 more on shipping, so the net loss isn't as bad as it seems upon initial inspection.
  12. Figured it was going to be cheaper on their site than Dine Alone since it has the country selector, but honestly it was ~$36 shipped on Dine Alone and it sounds like it would have been around $33 on their site, so I'm not too upset that I just pulled the trigger on Dine Alone to make sure I got a copy.

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