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  1. You're not the hero this thread deserves, but the one it needs. Grabbed a copy, thanks!
  2. How am I gonna be able to wait for the next season after that cliffhanger? Holy cow, what a finale.
  3. Awesome, I was hoping to get this at some point. Thanks!
  4. I think I agree with the consensus, which is that you're not gonna take it all in on one listen. I gave it like five or six listens so far and each time I find something else I enjoy on it, even if it's singing along to some of the corny af lyrics (a certain line about bleached assholes comes to mind). It ain't Yeezus, but a different beast, altogether.
  5. These pretzels are making me thirsty.

  6. I'm on the three-month trial and I'm loving it, but mostly because all of my iTunes library is now in my iCloud Music Library and I can listen to it all whenever I want on my iPhone and, to cut down on data usage, I can make them available offline. The question I have is this: it that a feature only available when you pay for Apple Music or is that just a new feature of iTunes and iCloud? I probably won't continue paying for this if I can get that for free. It's basically like Google Music but one less app I have to have on my phone.
  7. I can't believe next week's episode is the season finale. I was just getting used to it being around.
  8. A buddy of mine had the same issue and was able to find a team on the GTA Online thread on Reddit. Sounds like it has worked pretty well for him, in case you were still looking. Anyone else getting their ass whooped in Bloodborne? That game is hard.
  9. Bumping this thread cos online heists. Anyone else enjoying the shit out of them?
  10. I think owning this on vinyl has helped me develop a love for this record. Spun it a bunch when I finally got one of the earlier presses and it fluctuates with Panopticon for my favorite Isis record. Jealous of the people who pick up that red/clear. Still holding out for Wavering Radiant to complete the collection.