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  1. Grabbed all three, super stoked to finally have these without having to pay the exorbitant Discogs prices
  2. Hope I see this soon, getting a little antsy seeing everyone else getting their copies.
  3. Bought the merge w/ livestream ticket, I'm actually excited to see them perform at that location. Should be great and I'm happy to support these guys.
  4. Anyone else order Reluctant Hero from Nuclear Blast? The "SILVER/WHITE CORONA" variant, specifically. I see they have another variant in stock currently but was wondering if anyone ordered the pressing that was first announced.
  5. Sure does. Took everything I liked about ...Is Doomed and made it better, as well as mixing in some newer sounds that were pretty much all slam dunks.
  6. Nice, glad I was randomly on and spotted this bump. Grabbed both without hesitation.
  7. Someone that I believe is well-connected posted them on a FB group. He requested that they not be shared because “if images get spread too much [he] won’t be able to post previews like this in the future”. But I recommend joining the New Vinyl Releases FB group.
  8. Not sure if the mockups I saw are legit, but if they are, they look better than the last group of pressings.
  9. Low Teens took a bit longer to grow on me than those other two, but eventually it claimed the top spot. Damn, Poison the Well wsg ETID? Sounds amazing. Wish I had caught PTW at some point.
  10. Lots of bands say their latest release is their best, which makes sense in theory, but the people who are consuming them usually have differing opinions. ETID might be the best example of a band for me that actually follows that pattern. I think almost every record they’ve released is better than their last, which is what makes them one of my favorite artists. The only exception would be Hot Damn! > Gutter Phenomenon, imo.
  11. https://ibb.co/WpgFmkQ https://ibb.co/cvS7ppF https://ibb.co/SN1kPW2 https://ibb.co/Df6B2fv Box is pretty nice, snug fit for all four. Numbering/signature is not on the actual box but on a little slip that goes around it. Will possibly be spinning all four today to hear how they sound.
  12. Repressed and currently only $15: https://purenoise.merchnow.com/collections/featured/products/sls0bfe0wc-lp
  13. I think I like this record more than the debut, and that's only after a couple listens. So many infectious tracks on here, I had to give it back-to-back listens and almost went back for a third. Vocals from all parties are as good as they have ever been, if not better, and some of the riffs on this record are utterly fantastic. Cannot wait to get my copy from NB and toss it on the table.
  14. That Frank Turner record was a must-buy at that price, for sure.
  15. This is the motivation I needed to throw money at Caspian haha I might as well grab the bundle.
  16. I don't have any of these, but you guys haven't exactly given me confidence that I should pick any of them up haha I'm leaning toward just getting Tertia on rose; in the event these come out sounding as bad as everyone is thinking they might, I won't get burned as much.
  17. 20% off all vinyl at Newbury Comics today. Some releases actually become reasonably priced with this deal lol https://www.newburycomics.com/
  18. Excellent, I missed the earlier batch of pressings and don't have $150 to get one off Discogs, so this is great haha good lookin' out!
  19. Just realized that I had to go into my settings to change the "replies to topics I follow " back to emails instead of just notifications, so I missed out on this. Probably for the best for my wallet, since my blue swirly should be more than sufficient, but I am very curious to see what this is going to look like.
  20. Used the !TRICKORTREAT10 code to get the four SOAD records they have on that site for ~$15 shipped each. I couldn't use the comeback code this time, even when I tried using a different email address, but even still that is such an insane deal. Been meaning to get all five when I could get a deal on them, this is definitely a great start. Thank you!

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