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  1. Bought the Yellow Electric version despite that hefty price
  2. It does seem very weird to change the cover of the album but to use the old one on the T-shirts, I agree
  3. These reissues were curated by J Spaceman which includes choosing the covers. I’m not going to argue with him on those. But I also understand those not wanting to double dip after getting the VMP one
  4. You can still get the VMP version for just slightly over what they sold it for originally on discogs
  5. Definitely buying because I opted not to pay for the VMP version. ill be most pleased with this and hopefully at a price less than the VMP one
  6. Maybe eventually years down the road but they would get a lot of cancelled orders for this if they did that right after this sells out
  7. I just can’t listen to black metal vocals without laughing no matter how good the music is.
  8. Welp looks like I might have to buy my first Deafheaven album then.

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