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  1. I really wouldn't mind if he continued to release a vocal version of an album and an instrumental version of an album. I personally would like both even if I preferred one over the other. Everyone wins.
  2. /2500 total clear vinyl. But only /500 come with the obi strip which is exclusive to their webstore.
  3. Eh. It's the metal sound. So they went like hotcakes. I was suprised too.
  4. Yeah it is. It sounds weird to say given Corin and Carrie's talent, but I'm not sure if they'll be able to continue as Sleater-Kinney after this.
  5. I don’t think the prices are too high. Maybe a little but nothing close to Newbury. Now their $6 shipping on the other hand...
  6. Small details like digital and physical release dates differing. Didn’t know if that was the case here
  7. It says these come with a FLAC download. Did anybody get this through email or will it come with the LP?
  8. I’d buy multiple copies if I were you. Spend enough on them to where you force yourself to like it