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  1. I jumped on the cancel band version and buy the Target version bandwagon. The cheaper cost and better variant for the cover outweighed a glossy photo
  2. New Flyying colours https://flyyingcolours.bandcamp.com/album/you-never-know
  3. Norman records, Piccadilly, and other UK stores have it along with Fire Records. It appears to be UK only
  4. I’d probably splurge the $50 if it was color vinyl.
  5. Yeah it was basically just those. Don’t usually pay attention to it but since it was a press done by the band I was a little more cautious.
  6. Is that pressing as bad as everyone says it is? That’s why I’m hesitant to pull the trigger on this one even though it’s black vinyl and probably sounds better as a result.
  7. Same. Although after I ordered it seemed like they sold out. I got a confirmation email but does anyone know if Bullmoose is good about fulfilling orders they let you make?
  8. I went ahead and bought from the bands store in case a US shipping option never becomes available.
  9. Couldn’t pull the trigger on the signed art card or regular box set. Just too much. Hopefully Sound of Vinyl will have one of their sales and maybe I’ll get it then. or just buy the reasonably priced CD on this one
  10. Oh I’m sorry. I don’t need a record with “cool guy shit” in it
  11. We they accept that much in weed? Also, I love how after spending $100,000,000 on a record, they wouldn’t just ship it for free.

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