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  1. Always held off buying this in hopes they’d reissue it this way.
  2. Couldn’t pull the trigger on the signed art card or regular box set. Just too much. Hopefully Sound of Vinyl will have one of their sales and maybe I’ll get it then. or just buy the reasonably priced CD on this one
  3. Sort of sucks there aren’t any demos or live tracks added onto this.
  4. Oh I’m sorry. I don’t need a record with “cool guy shit” in it
  5. We they accept that much in weed? Also, I love how after spending $100,000,000 on a record, they wouldn’t just ship it for free.
  6. I have a record with piss and hair in it and another with period blood. I don’t need one with a leaf.
  7. Yeah I would be extremely appreciative if anyone could snag me one as well. I would also pay now or later.
  8. Mine got delivered to my old address and I think got returned to sender but I can’t get Poison City to answer me.
  9. Seems like a perfect time to repress their box sets in a nice color vinyl.
  10. Yeah I’m going with the green splatter. Between that and just clear I’ll take the splatter. the grey would have been perfect. Clear doesn’t not match but it’s kind of boring. I’ll go with the more interesting variant in the case of neither really being a great match.
  11. It looks like if you are willing to pay $10,000 for it, you could grab a special edition before all the mail order lottery winners do
  12. Yeah I was leaning toward Diamond Clear and Almost Green variants for each one. While I wouldn’t mind a clear variant, the Diamond clear appears almost gray which is perfect
  13. So for money purposes, I think I’ll have to limit myself to the Duster box set and the Codeine album. But which variants to get?
  14. Now I have to decide whether to buy Capsule Losing Contact after I bought color vinyl versions of their two albums and 1975 EP
  15. I got a Vol 4 but missed out on the obi strip on Transient. Still hate that I missed on that one
  16. That’s why my best friend named “Your Name Here” is going to enter for me.
  17. That’s what I was thinking too. But I’m not even going to bother trying to cheat the system. If I win great, if not fine
  18. Flyying Colours is issuing their first two EPs on a single 12” for the first time. https://flyyingcolours.bandcamp.com/album/flyying-colours-2 https://poisoncityestore.com/collections/frontpage/products/flyying-colours-flyying-colours-lp https://store.clubac30.com/products/726458-flyying-colours-flyying-colours-lp It looks like the poison city ones are both /150 and the clubac30 is /400
  19. I might pick up the box set of 7’s. I don’t have any of them. But I hate buying 7”s