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  1. Oh it’s pretty standard for oversees shipping. I just have decided to not buy albums that require oversees shipping to since it pretty much costs the same as buying a record domestically.
  2. If it was $22 shipping for it like the repress of Radiogaze, then I’m not so bummed anymore that I didn’t spend $57 on it
  3. Thanks! I live in Oklahoma and somehow I never had heard of these guys before
  4. I bought both the cassette and the CD. I feel stupid for buying a CD
  5. Eat More was the best song I had heard thus far. Can’t wait to hear the rest
  6. Have they ever made this reissue with the b-sides available digitally?
  7. I wouldn’t call you a fool. It’s just what the album is worth to you. I want to buy a color copy of this but I can’t spend $50+ on a single LP as much as I love this band
  8. 1. Glad you got your Luna purchase because I purchased from there too and haven’t received any shipping notifications. 2. Sucks that you didn’t get the third LP 3. Since I ordered from there too maybe I have the opposite problem and if so I’ll contact you about it
  9. I love Phoebe but Lindsey Jordan’s song writing is on par with Phoebes. Again, to each their own and while I don’t consider this to be AOTY right now, I also didn’t consider Punisher to be AOTY last year
  10. My only complaint about this release is that they didn’t include the Extended Version of Treefingers on the extras
  11. Are you trying to tell me that my equipment doesn’t let me feel the warmth of vinyl? I’ll see you in the parking lot
  12. Yep. I still have like 4 full digital albums that I won’t be getting a physical copy of for another 3 to 4 months
  13. I had already put this up in the Shoegaze thread but this deserves its own thread.
  14. https://weareblushing.bandcamp.com Their first album was fantastic. This one could even be better. The first single features Miki Berenyi from Lush.

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