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  1. Wasn’t impressed with their last album but love this new song.
  2. All aren’t supposed to be. But they said the first 200 of the cloud colored like ours were numbered. It is what it is but like I said I find it hard to believe I wasn’t in the first 200 orders, as I ordered pretty much as it went up.
  3. Anyone else get a cloud colored vinyl and it wasn’t numbered? I know it was the first 200 only but I have a hard time believing I wasn’t in the first 200 orders.
  4. Negligible if there was. I just didn’t know about the signed insert until after I ordered from Bandcamp. And now I don’t even know if they have any left.
  5. Unfortunately it’s just through the bands website according to Partisan. Oh well
  6. If you order from their Bandcamp, do they come with the signed inserts?
  7. Man this album really is spectacular. Might be AOTY for me. It really bridges that gap between Souvlaki and Pygmalion.
  8. Thanks for this thread. I managed to snag one of the last band exclusives before they sold out.
  9. Oh I would be too. To be honest, if they had Gala on clear too I’d just buy that, Split, and Spooky and call it a day.
  10. So just AirPod listening to them. Can’t tell a huge difference between them and the box set years ago.
  11. Grabbed the cloudy clear one from wharf cat earlier in hopes I was in the first 200 and I liked the variant the best with the cover art. but regardless so good to get new music from them.
  12. I was really hoping these reissues would have all the b-sides and extras that were received digitally on the box set. I would absolutely buy reissues if they ever included those on the albums
  13. Such great albums. I bought the box set years ago so I won’t need this but glad to see they are reissuing them.
  14. I love Alex G. But the hype over a live album is mind boggling to me. I mean hell, one came with the deluxe edition of Beach Music
  15. I went with pink just because it was the Numero Exclusive. I actually like the way all 3 variants look though.
  16. I went to high school with two people in this band but never listened to this until now
  17. It’s the same version as the European green. Turntable lab is just the exclusive US retailer for it.

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